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154/365 – Sympathy Pains

There’s something just not right about having a cold in LA.  I associate colds with cold weather.  Los Angeles?  No way.  And yet the evidence proves contrary — I’m sick.  And a boo hoo hoo it is.  I have way to much to do and way too little time to do it to be sick.  I woke up this morning with a super dry throat, a stuffy nose and lot of sneezing.  Ugh.  I don’t know anyone else who is sick, so how did I catch this weird bug.  Is it the stress?  The lack of proper sleep?  The anxiety of the next few months looming ahead?  Doucebags.  Hell if I know . . .

Those scarfs are like the smallpox blankets the colonists gave the Native Americans. Just crawling with cold germs.

Wait.  This has to be sympathy sickness.  It must be.  Megan is sick too.  She described these exact same symptoms to me yesterday.  Is it possible to carry sickness across a cellular line?  To trasmit your cold thousands and thousands of miles to your loved one.

When AT&T asked me what plan I wanted, I didn't say your evil virus plan. Jek!

Probably not.

But let me just revel in the concept that this just might be proof of Megan and I’s connection.  That even though thousands of miles seperate us, there’s some weird osmosis where we both are feeling each other’s pain.  It has to be true . . .

Shut up!  No asked you . . . well, I guess I did with all those questions above.  But, who cares.  I think Megan gave me her illness and I’m so happy about the connection and so damn mad at her for coughing on me from the safety of our bedroom in Chicago.  Boo hoo hoo.

It was weird that Megan bought a cell phone shaped like a tissue . . .

Too sick to carry on.  Must rest.  See you tomorrow.  Unless this interstate illness is really an epidemic – which, then, have a nice night.

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