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156/365 – Video Game as History Lesson

Listen – all you posers out there bashing video games as crap for the brain, the ultimate stupid makers and artless participatory violence can suck it.  Especially you, Rodger Ebert!  Especially when there’s so much drawing and conceptualizing, writing and scripting that goes into a video game.  To say it’s not art is crazy.  And, once again, a video game franchise proves that Video Games can be more than art — they can be history lessons.  The Assassins Creed franchise, which has taken us gamers through the Crusades and the Renaissance, has just announced it’s next installment.  So, I’m cutting the bull shit and getting down to brass tacks . . . who would not want to swing around trees, take down red coats and assist a guy named George in our country’s most triumphant moments?  Not his guy:

Suck it, United Kingdom!

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