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157/365 – Cubs Win The World Series

After ten and a half years in Chicago, you discover certain things that make you a “true” Chicagoan.  It seeps into your blood and permeates your sweat.   There’s the litte things, like the fact that you never use ketchup on a hot dog, or that no matter where you go, the comedy is never quite as good as the stuff you see on the small stages in Chicago.  However, one ting all transplants end up loving is Cubs baseball.  Sox fans seem to be bred from the locals.  Cubs fans seem to be a melting pot.  And after ten and half years, I realized that when I move to Los Angeles, there’s a distinct possibility that I will never get to be there when the Cubs win a World Series.  And as someone whop isn’t a big sports fan, I can say, I do not look forward to that.  I don’t want to be at The Viper Room when Mullen’s is broadcasting the bottom of the 9th.  I don’t want to be on Sunset Avenue when Clark Street erupts into chaos.  I want to be in the epicenter of violence and passion — and that sure as hell won’t be in LA.   I will feel cheated if that happens . . . just down right cheated.

This thought really stems from one of the greatest video game trailers I have ever seen.  So good I want to buy the game – and it’s a sports game.  In fact, when I saw this, I had to make sure it wasn’t October . . .


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