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159/365 – Captain Fingermask
© 2012 Timmy Tamisiea. All rights reserved. Not that Oblivion . . . But a man can wish.

159/365 – Captain Fingermask

Right now, I have a uge task in front of me — I have to write a treatment for a TV show.  I want to write for TV so much.  However, its so hard to wrap my head around the TV format.  Especially since you I’ve been writing screenplays for the past 5 years.  I juggled ideas around in my head, but they were all feature film ideas.  As soon as I try to settle on the task of TV, my head goes blank.

Which was how this TV show was created.

So, I did what any self serving producer would — I went back in time to an old idea and repackaged it.  See, back in 2000, when I lived in New York, I would travel to Boston to visit my good friend Joel Frenzer.  He graduated from the Rhode Island School Design. What’s that? Well, to put it into perspective: what Disney is to The California School of the Arts, RISD is to Film Roman . . . REALLY?  You don’t know what Film Roman is.  God!  Okay, one word and you’ll get it . . . SIMPSONS. Ahhh, there go the lights in your eyes.

Oh, no. Stop the lights! Stop the lights!

In 2000, Joel and I traveled back and forth to each other’s cities. We’d lock ourselves in our respective apartments and brainstorm the next BIG idea.  Since Joel was an animator, we naturally leaned towards animated programing.  We would throw out ideas, I would act them out and he would draw them.  We were like Cavalier and Clay.  Two young guns trying to create something special. Something new.

Don’t let your eyes go crazy again – this is Kavalier and Clay. Read it!

Eventually, we came up with Captain Fingermask. I can’t go into detail about what this show is, but it was a doozy.  So much a doozy that Joel got a meeting with the head of programing at Cartoon Network.  It was at that point that he needed some space. The initial idea was his and he needed to see it through on his own. I totally respected that. I would be involved in the long run, but this was his baby and he needed to write the treatment on his own.  Somewhere along the way, the idea was lost in oblivion.

Not that Oblivion . . . But a man can wish.

Every once in awhile we would talk about Captain Fingermask, but our lives got away from us and our Captain was lost between the lines . . . Till tonight. I decided, if I’m getting to do a professional pitch for a TV executive, I might as well bring him something special . . . something I really believe in . . . something that I know I have my heart in.  And so, Joel sent me all his materials on CF.

I’ve spent that last 4 hours revamping the character, trying to make it marketable for today’s audience (a lot can happen in 12 years). I’m really excited about this. I hope it at least garners Joel and I some attention.  The whole thing brings back great memories.  I would write more, but I have a treatment to write. I will keep you updated on Captain Fingermask in the coming weeks.

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