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162/365 – New Friend Drinking
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162/365 – New Friend Drinking

I don’t have a lot to say today . . . I can barely type.  Unless you’re just randomly clicking on links in this blog and the titles mean nothing to you, you might have guessed — I’m hungover.  I seem to be drinking a tad bit more on the weekends than I’m used to.  Megan calls it “new friend drinking.”  It’s the exhilaration and willingness to go out and have fun at an accelerated level — all because you’ve got some new friends.  I think there’s something to that . . . at our age, meeting new friends is rare.  You have your friends set and you tend to flock to them.  So this type of drinking that seems to be reserved for the undergrad set is something I’m not used to.

If this is wrong, I want to be wrong.

Which brings up a question . . . are there other types of drinking?  Old Friend Drinking?  I hate my job drinking?  Fake drinking?  I think the most popular and interesting of the “drinking” styles is the “I didn’t plan on drinking, drinking.”  It’s very similar to “New Friend”, but can be enjoyed by all.  See, most times, in college at least, you make plans to get schnockered.  It’s in your daily planner right between “read chapter 12 in text book” and “buy more Dave Matthews CDs.”  At least, that what mine says form college . . .

Good thing this was my text book.

I think, honestly, more than the “I’m planning on a stomach pump drinking” and “I was just fired drinking,” the “I didn’t plan on drinking” style is much more fun.  there’s no expectations.  You are an open book, exposing yourself to anything that comes.  Planning on drinking is just like New Years Eve — which I beleive is the most overrated holiday on the books.  It’s a set up for dissappointment because everyone has this expectation of a crazy, Weird Science type of party.  It usually just ends with you face down in your toliet bowl staring at remnants of KFC.  Gross.  The “not planning” approach is more fun . . . it causes things like putting porn on a projector, insisting on Neil Diamond being played nonstop and proclaiming “I’m gay” for five minutes.

So, while I nurse this hangover, I’d like to thank a few friends . . . Mr. Spontaneity.  Because of you, that talk I had with my new friend Justice about going home early and having only one beer was just one big delusion.  I’d also like to thank The Great Divide Brewing Company.  You make good beer.  Stop it.  As well, let me extend a warm kudos to Jack in the Box.  Without you, I may be in worse shape — although I can’t really prove that because you’re Jack in the Box, and by nature, you should make me feel worse anyway.   And finally, thank you Neil Diamond.

You're welcome, Timmy!

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