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163/365 – Guilty Till Proven Innocent
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163/365 – Guilty Till Proven Innocent

There’s nothing like being accused of something you didn’t do.  It’s exhilarating.  Refreshing, even.  Like a cool breath up your shorts on a hot sticky day . . . No, it’s really like a hot poker shoved up your pants by the girl who dumped you freshman year of high school . . . On a hot sticky day.

Which is what is happening to Robert right now . . .

Today we had a columnist from Variety speak with us.  He specialized in the tech side of Hollywood, which directly relates to piracy.  When the topic came up, he was pretty adamant – don’t pirate low budget, independent films.  I agree.  If you look at the film 11:14, it was pirated so much that no one would distribute it.  So it was lost to obscurity — even though it has one of the highest ratings on Rottentomatos.com.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to mention the lawsuit I was involved with when Voltage Pictures accused me of pirating the film The Hurt Locker.  It was a really tough time to be dealing with a potential lawsuit.  Comcast, my cable proviser, sent me a letter basically saying, “Hey, Tim.  Volatge pictures has a IP address that’s associatred with an illegal download.  It’s yours.  BUT, we can’t give them your info till they subpoena us . . . and they did.  You have 3 weeks to get a lawyer.  Good luck.”

This is the prosecution. They're old white guys. But don;t be fooled. They only own 2 books and 2 pens. I'm soooooo doomed . . .

Thanks for the heads up, Comcast.  Especially 3 weeks before my wedding.  Like I don’t have enough to deal with.  Well, long story short, I’ve never even seen The Hurt Locker (and thanks to Voltage Pictures, never will).  So, I was able to get a lawyer through The Washington DC Lawyers for the Arts and they helped me steer clear of this witch hunt.  The ordeal isn’t over, but I’m in good hands.  that’s all I can say right now.

Not my lawyers, but if they were . . . I'd probably just get felt up by those gigantic hands.

Back to today — I wanted to get this journalist’s view on being sued for piracy and copyright infringement . . . you know,  from a Hollywood perspective.  Especially in light of the murky waters of IP addresses.  In my case, I deducted that the night in question was also a night I opened my wireless internet to over 20 people.  So, you know . . . Well, this nut job reporter just kept slighting me.  Making off color remarks about my “guilt.”  I know he was being funny, but it was really aggravating me.  I’m trying to ask a legitimate question that he, of all people, should have a handle on.  Instead, he just masks it by ribbing into me.  Damn you Hurt Locker!

So, I’ve been in a bad mood ever since.  I don’t like my innocence being called into question by someone I’ve never met. I have my integrity and I won’t trade it for someone’s punch line.

All these lines lead to my wireless router.

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