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164/365 – Irv’s

Earlier today, I had my first business networking lunch.  I met with a guy from Machinima and shot the shit over a beer and a shot.  Great stuff, but afterwords, I was starving.  So I headed down the street to the shady little hamburger stand called Irv’s.

The little lady who runs the lace.

The woman who runs it is this little Asian woman.  She was awesome.  Just talking up a storm.   We had a crazy conversation in which she tried to convince me that Mayo will make my skin soft.  I said it will also make my belly soft.  Anyway – when she brought me my food, this was what she made on my paper plate . . .

That red dot she added later.  It’s supposed to be my mole.  I said it looked like I had a huge zit.  She ran over and looked at it and said – “Well, I have no eraser.”  Then she laughed and walked away.  Irv’s, everyone.  Irv’s!

(If I have more time, I’ll retell the whole conversation.  She was hilarious!)

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  1. ann etienne
    Posted 15 Mar ’12 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

    What a day brightner!

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