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166/365 – Mad Busy

Tonight I am mad busy.

No, not that kind of Mad. Not that I would object.

This is closer to the Mad Busy I’m talking about . . . minus the stupid woman who can’t decide what to do first.  I’m still organized.

I have to finish my treatment for my feature film pitch by tomorrow.  That and a coverage for a feature script.  And I have a networking event.  Weeeeee!  Fart.

So, instead of rambling, I think I’ll give you all a taste of my feature script.  NOt teh content., mind you.  No, instead I;ll give you the “dream casting.”  See, in my treatment, I say what actors I think would be perfect for the main cast.  So, Here you go . . . no plot, just characters:

The Protagonist.

The Antagonist.

The Love Interest.

Sidekick 1.

Sidekick 2.

Sidekick 2.

Supporting Character.

Supporting Cast 2.

Supporting Cast 3




There!  Now all I need is a story, someone to write it and a billion dollars.


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