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167/365 – Preach It, Brother!
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167/365 – Preach It, Brother!

What a model day today.  I’m on half the amount of sleep I should be on and yet I’m enrgized to all hell.  Maybe it was the two red Bulls and the large coffee.

Nah, it’s probbaly the speakers we had in for class.  Pretty cool, if you ask me.  I’ll give you some information they passed along.  they aren’t quotes by any means, but paraphrasing of the advice they gave the class.

First, Mr. Steve Pink.

Columbia College Alumn and writer of Gross Point Black and writer/director or Hot Tub Time Machine.  Here’s some nuggets of wisdom:

Culture is fluid and changing all the time — your story is affected by this.

The Hollywood ladder is not climbed always by talent.  Being good at something is not always the stadard by which success is achieved.

If you have the tenacity to withstand the constant change in your life, you’ll survive Hollywood.

You’ll have to deal with a wide variety of snakes and crazies in this town.

It’s unfair to judge people in Hollywood by what they do — by nature, Hollywood has no rules and, there for, people get there by different means you may not understand.

Hollywood is not a tough business.  Taring and paving roads is a tough business.  Hollywood is just more psychologically demanding.

Not bad advice.  He was also pretty cool about the way he writes.  Like many of our speakers, he was in direct opposition to the strict standard taught in academia.  One thing he does that is amazingly cool — something I try to do but was never encouraged — was to think of all the cool scenes that have inspired you to create a story.   Then write a logline for each one with a short description.  Put them on notecards and pin them on the wall.  Now, start building your story around them.  Love that!

Aw man, this scene will be great . . . once I remember what “this scene” is.

Our next speaker was none other than Mr. Curb Your Enthusiasm  himself, Jeff Garland.

Jeff was exactly how you would think he would be – down to earth and really funny.  What amazed me was his confidence.  It was clod and present but never,m ever was it over bnearing.  He would say things like , “I was the funnest kid in school – always,” or, “Listen, I’m good at what I do, so don’t get on my bad side — I can tear anyone apart anytime.”

However, it never felt cocky or bombastic – it was always really natural and cool.  He carried his confidence like a wallet – you know you have one, you know it’s full, but you only take it out when you absolutely need it.  Never to just show off your cash.  I loved that.

Unless you have my wallet.

He had so many stories and was just really inspirational.  One piece of advice he gave a fellow classmate who asked about what locations or bars he should go to so he could network was great.  he basically said that is a bullshit way of thinking.  You should be making friends naturally on sets and be at home creating.  Meeting people in bars and restaurants to hob nob just introduces you to more assholes who are doing that same thing as you.  Or, as he said, “Oh, you’re a producer.  I’m a writer!  Let’s blow each other — it’s bullshit.”  He was adamant that sincerity in this town, goes a long, long way.

Just ask this guy.

He also was big on his family.  He said it’s been hard doing stand up shows all over the nation and raising a family.  But, he said, when he’s with them, he’s present.  He tried to do the duel focus thing and it was a disaster.  Also, he said he has a crush on his wife still.  I have a crush on mine too.  We’re so similar . . . 😉

Here’s some other words of wisdom (paraphrased, of course):

Stay away from negativity.

Enjoy in the doing!  Stop doing for the future.

Don’t treat everyone the same.  Anyone who says they treat everyone the same is an idiot.  Different people require different types of attention.

Pay attention to your own shit.

And finally . . .

Perseverance = Don’t go nuts when nobody gives a shit about you.  Keep your cool and remember, life is cyclical.  The bad shit is temporary.

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