© 2012 Timmy Tamisiea. All rights reserved. These are the loser trophies -- I mean, the "good job but not so good job" trophies.

170/365 – CONSIDER

Last Monday, I was read these words written across the bottom of my TV Pilot Treatment: Mild Pass.  Mile Pass.  Meaning that the reader who evaluated my treatment thought it wasn’t quite good enough for production.  Mild Pass . . . I just kept thinking about salsa.  As if I could get a Hot Pass or a 5 Alarm Pass . . . I wonder of a Medium Pass would have been an option.

You script didn’t come with chips, so we’re giving it a MILD pass.

I think putting the qualifier “Mild: in front of pass was just away of letting me down nicely, because in the long run, a pass is a pass is a pass.  Making it a “Mild” pass was just like telling me I’m a special little boy and everyone’s a winner in the Special Olympics.

These are the loser trophies — I mean, the “good job but not so good job” trophies.

Today, however, was quite the opposite.  Today I talked to that same reader about my feature film treatment, The Biggest Little Park In The World.  It was a completely different atmosphere.  When I looked at the bottom of my treatment, I read, “Consider.”  CONSIDER.  This means, yeah, it’s pretty good, just probably needs some touch ups and changes before its a “recommend.”  Even the Reader, Tom, said he never gives considers.  It’s almost always Passes.  This is great.  This means the script, my favorite one, is worth working on further!

For me, this was the the boost I need this week.  I pitch the script to a producer on Thursday and having that confidence from this CONSIDER is invaluable.  I feel like I’m on a roll.  Tomorrow I have an interview with Beacon Pictures for an internship, today I’m getting a CONSIDER, maybe Thursday I’ll get a, “Okay, kid, let me read your script.  Maybe we’ll buy it”

And by buy it we mean give you a internship making us coffee.

In any case, I’m starting to feel better about my decision to come out here — like the hard work from the past few years of grad school is finally working out.  Keep your fingers crossed for Thursday.

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