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173/365 – Pitching
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173/365 – Pitching

Sleep . . . who needs it.  I mean, really.  Why would anyone want to be rested on an important day?  Not me.  I’ll gladly wake up at 4:30 am on the day of my Hollywood pitch meetings.  Sleep.  Bull cocky.  Can’t wait to zone out while I pitch.  “What’s wrong, sir?”  “Oh, nothing, I just wish you’d shut up and let me doze off.  Here, I brought a copy of Legally Blonde.  That’s my pitch.  It will take an hour and a half.  Wake me when it’s done and I’ll show the other thing I’m working on — it’s called Legally Blonde 2.”

All right, blondie lawyer stereotype — you’re at bat!

Well, I pitched.  Sleep deprived or not, I pitched . . . and I knocked it out of the ball park.  That Rip-O-Matic pretty much sealed the deal.  It did exactly what it was supposed to do.  It set up the producer to SEE what the script was about — garner interest so he could ask questions.  Brilliant.   He basically said, “You pretty much made a trailer — this was excellent.  Good job!”  So proud . . . of him, that is.  He really did a good job of positively judging me.  In all seriousness, he took the script to read!  Maybe nothing will happen form this, but maybe it will.  I’m just happy I made a good impression.

Then I brought my brothers in for a second impression. I hope he likes us .. eeeeee!

My animation tv pilot pitch went pretty good too.  I kind of felt lke this guy was humoring me, but he didn’t have to laugh.  NO one does.  Fake laughs are just way too easy to decipher.  See, watch . . . . ha ha ha readers, you are very witty . . . I was totally faking and you know it.  Losers!  HA HA HA. . . that one was real.

Pitching really is just personality wrapped in the disguise of a good story.  That’s why producers like to bullshit before you get to the pitch.  They hear a dozen shitty pitches a day — real stories about people and their lives are much more interesting than your thinly veiled rip off of a Hitchcock film.  Like all good salesmen say, you’re selling yourself – you are the product.  I think I did a good job of doing that.  Especially in the TV pitch.  Who doesn’t want to hear a screenwriter start a pitch with, “I don’t know what pubrty was like for you, but I was a pit stained, zit faced, awkward little shit.”  SOLD!

I’m pretty sure that’s how Legally Blonde 2 was sold.

Back to sleep deprivation — a recurring theme in this blog — I must sleep.  It’s been a long day.  I feel good about things.  I just need to stretch that feeling over the next 5 months because things won’t get any easier.




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