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181/365 – Bard Fiction
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181/365 – Bard Fiction

I like watching my wife perform on stage.  She’s really cute.  Just like the first time I saw her perform on stage — that’s when I said to myself, “Wow!  That girl is cute.  Gotta meet her.”  Now it’s, “Wow, that girl is cute.  And she’s all mine.”

See. I told you. Cute. Right? . . . I said, RIGHT?

Tonight I saw her perform in the Shakespearean version of Pulp Fiction called Bard Fiction.  Let me tell you, it’s been awhile since I attended a theatre performance and caught myself with my mouth agape in a wide smile.  This was a great show and Megan was brilliant.  She had two smaller roles (the waitress from the first scene and Steve Buchemi’s character at Jack Rabbit Slims) and one meaty character (Bruce Willis’s French girlfriend).

Instead of a Buddy Holly impersonator, she was a Queen Elizabeth impersonator.

Watching the show gave me a boner . . . I’m joking.  Just making sure you’re paying attention.  I realize that in the wake of an extremely stressful and busy few months, my blog posts have become pedestrian . . . so, about that boner . . . .

No, Anthony, not you. It’s not always about YOUR boner.

No, really, watching the show gave me this longing feeling for the theatre.  It was my first artistic love, after all.  And watching a show like this and really enjoying it was special.  I used to love Shakespeare.  I’ve been in plenty of his plays to have an appreciation for his work: Richard III, A Midsommer Night’s Dream (twice!), Twelfth Night . . . and once you know the language and really understand just how witty, and at the same time, dirty Shakespeare was, you get a hungry for more.  You start  look for opportunities in contemporary culture where his work would have fit well.  Pulp Fiction being a perfect example.

I have always been interested in his histories.  What current political dramas would Shakespeare have turned into a play?  The Watergate Scandal?  Of course.  A man with all the power in the world squanders it on his own paranoid rage.  Monica Lewinski?  YES!  A “king” risks his whole empire with an affair with a lowly “squire.”  The Supreme Court Ruling on the Bush V. Gore Election?  Man, of course.  Two factions vie for power of a kingdom through political intrigue and scandal.

What about modern dramas?  What films and television shows would Shakespeare have been jealous of?  The Godfather.  Any romantic comedy — of course.  Look at Love’s Labours Lost.  A Comedy of Errors.  Hell, any Oliver Stone film would have been orgasmic to the bard.

Shakespeare? . . . OH, it’s you, Oliver. Your headphones confused me.

All I’m saying is to take another look at Shakespeare.  Read it.  Too many people say they can’t because it;s a foreign language.  Poopy cock.  You’re just lazy.  You can’t read Shakespeare like you read Twilight.  That book is supposed to be finished in 10 minutes.  Shakespeare doesn’t read that fast.  Heck, it’s made for the stage.  Even thought, try picking up a paperback version published by Washington Square Press.  Read it slowly and mark the words that are defined on the opposite page from the text.  You will see just how brilliant the bard was.  You may see the connecion our modern culture has to this dead old guy from the 1600s.

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