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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Your welcome, Timmy!

162/365 – New Friend Drinking

I don’t have a lot to say today . . . I can barely type.  Unless you’re just randomly clicking on links in this blog and the titles mean nothing to you, you might have guessed — I’m hungover.  I seem to be drinking a […]


161/365 – Spinning Intern

Had some time today, decided to that I needed to start applying for internships.  So, I’ve spent 8 hours doing just that.  Ugh.  I’m really quite exhausted and I still don’t feel all that good about what I’ve done. So, it’s gonna be one of […]


160/365 – 6 Albums That Changed My Views on Music

I can’t exactly pinpoint when I really stopped searching for new music.  Probably when the Backstreet Boys broke up . . . that was a real hard time for me.  Can you give me a second . . . ok.  Whew!   I can say […]

Not that Oblivion . . . But a man can wish.

159/365 – Captain Fingermask

Right now, I have a uge task in front of me — I have to write a treatment for a TV show.  I want to write for TV so much.  However, its so hard to wrap my head around the TV format.  Especially since you […]

You want to make a movie.  I want to store you in my freezer.  We all win!

158/365 – First Impressions

When I looked at the bulletin board for today’s speaker, it said our speaker would be Vance Van Petton – President of the PGA.  Now, I’m sure I am not alone when I say, I thought the president of the Pro Golfers Association would be […]


157/365 – Cubs Win The World Series

After ten and a half years in Chicago, you discover certain things that make you a “true” Chicagoan.  It seeps into your blood and permeates your sweat.   There’s the litte things, like the fact that you never use ketchup on a hot dog, or […]


156/365 – Video Game as History Lesson

Listen – all you posers out there bashing video games as crap for the brain, the ultimate stupid makers and artless participatory violence can suck it.  Especially you, Rodger Ebert!  Especially when there’s so much drawing and conceptualizing, writing and scripting that goes into a […]

Those scarfs are like the smallpox blankets the colonists gave the Native Americans.  Just crawling with cold germs.

155/365 – Coffee Shop Cliche

Chances are, if your a human being who breathes, you’ve entered a Starbucks or a Caribou Coffee or a Dunkin Donuts or Brad’s Beanery — Brad’s doesn’t exist?  Get on it, Brad!  NOW! The thing about coffee houses is their uncanny ability to draw in […]

It was weird that Megan bought a cell phone shaped like a tissue . . .

154/365 – Sympathy Pains

There’s something just not right about having a cold in LA.  I associate colds with cold weather.  Los Angeles?  No way.  And yet the evidence proves contrary — I’m sick.  And a boo hoo hoo it is.  I have way to much to do and […]


153/365 – Starship Encourage

Encouragement can go a long way . . . It’s like a small thruster on a space craft: a little burst can turn you in the right direction or propel you further than you thought you’d ever go. Today, we had two really nice thrusters […]

Jack and Jill was a spy thriller until this guy got ahold of it.

152/365 – Agent of Chaos

In regards to working in Hollywood, the question is not, how think is your skin — that seems to be related to sumo wrestlers and fat people.  Sorry fat people — move to Japan!  No, it’s more of a question of how much shit can […]