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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska

Monthly Archives: April 2012


212/365 – BATMAN

Remember when I was going to talk a lot about the Avengers his week?  Well, that funk is dead  . . for the time being.  Because guess what came out today?  The new Dark Night Rises trailer.  Yeah.  This post is all Batman all the […]

Soldiers march past the podium during a military parade in Pyongyang

211/365 – Marchatonia

Just finished up the Aperture Series tonight . . . so no more posts about that. It was fun and nerve racking and stressful and crazy . . . and it happened.  While these films were major hits . . . ALL ABOUT PAT ALL […]


210/365 – AVENGERS!!!!

This week The Avengers movie is released.  BOOM!  Yeah, I said boom.  I’ll also add pow, snict and wowza!  In honor of one of the greates comics to ever be released, I plan on dedicating a few post to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes . . . […]


209/365 – Traditional Home

I like to think my mom is the bomb.  I mean, she raised me and I’m the bomb . . . so that would make me a son of a bomb, right?  Nope?  Okay. Actually, I really do think she is quite the lady.  One […]

I'm editing a film, not landing the Star Ship Enterprise.

208/365 – Technical Difficulties

Tonight was the premiere of my film screening for Oracle Theatre’s Aperture Series.  This whole week has been a technological fiasco in getting it prepped and ready to go.  From 4-6 hour renderings of the films to sound issues to misspelled credits to plug-ins I […]


207/365 – Titles

Despite all the editing problems associated with getting my films ready for the Aperture series this weekend, I really do love the post process.  Although  have mile ADD, I can sit in front of a computer and play with a film for hours.  I think […]

Yeah, she's Willy Wonka.

206/365 – Played

Kids.  Children.  They’re little scam artists they are.  Using their cuteness to render adults helpless.  Using that helplessness to get what they want whenever they want it.  Most parents are immune.  But, if you’re a childless adult, you are suseptavble to that weakness.  Megan and […]


205/365 – Megan’s Birthday Gift

I know her birthday is a few months away, but I found the perfect gift for Megan . . .  

. . . nd his huge balls.

204/365 – Thomas “The A-Hole” Edison

Most people who haven’t taken cinema history probably think Edison was a genius and a great guy.  They probably think he was a real looker too.  The passion dream of every 16 year old . . . smart, savy and cute . . . oh […]

A picture's worth a thousand words . . . or looks . . . Angelica looks.

203/365 – Angelica

Today we’re celebrating my friend Angelica Jade Bastién’s birthday (It was April 17th).  AJB!  She’s turning 12.  No!  Not 12.  23?  I don’t know.  It’s her birthday.  That’s all you need to know.  She works with me at the Screenwriting center and she’s the most […]

As crazy as these two look, it got worse when they started humping those bunnies a second after the picture was taken.

202/365 – Marriage; It Is What It Is.

Welcome to day 200!  When I started this blog, it was a device to adapt to the old adage, “Writers write.”  I would add “everyday” to the end of that.  Before October 1st (when this blog officially started) my writing was sporadic, uneven — hell, […]


201/365 – Signed Off

This is a future blog post!  I came here from Friday to tell you about how awesome this day will be.  See, readers and past Timmy, I (you, past Timmy) just has a meeting with Bruce Sheridan — head of the Columbia College film and […]


200/365 – A Message From Jenna

Megan’s been looking up auditions in LA.  I want her to be happy and able to continue her acting when we move.  Ironically, I found this posted on Facebook — a blog post by Jenna Ficher; the woman who reminds me of Megan.  I think […]

2003 Timmy agrees . . . weeeee!

199/365 – 6 Tickets

Graduation.  A high watermark for many of us.  For most, it will happen only twice in their lifetime.  For others, it’s just a rolling date that delays their entrance into the world as a contributing member of society.  When I was in high school, it […]

Hey, youse need a operation.  I'm da guy wit the doctors certificate.  Eh-OOO!

198/365 – Moving Violation

I spent the majority of today calling moving companies.  Lots of them . .  and let me tell you — boy are the expensive.  And they’re working on commission.  You now a guy is working on commission when he has the following conversation with you; […]


197/365 – C2E2 and the Couch

Don’t go to a comic book convention the day after a bachelor party.  Just . . . don’t. I can’t stress this enough. Enjoy this video.  Because I love my couch so much right now too.  Now, I’m going to watch the wall with my […]

A funny big beer for a funny little man!  Marriage!

196/365 – Abby & His Bachelor Party (A children’s book for ages 9-90.)

I’m going to a strip club tonight. I don’t feel like mincing words are bring clever . . . it’s a strip club.  Where sad, lonely men think women adore them and want to be with them.  A strip club.  A place where fat men […]


195/365 – I’m Just A Girl

Got the new video up for The Aperture Series.


194/365 – Nerves

The Aperture Film Series will be up in two weeks and I’m pretty nervous . . . excited, but nervous.  Except for Bob Seger Rocks, this will be the first time my films will have screened for a public audience.  But that’s one of those […]


193/365 – Aperture, Aperture, Aperture

Just got home from a Mission Improvavble show at Northern Iowa University.  Super tired seeing that I was awful in the show and we satyed up all night at the hotel room watching Dead Poets Society. However, this morning I got a Facebook message from […]