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185/365 – IZZY!

Never work with animals or kids.  It’s the old filmmaking adage.  If you do, you can double your production time, hence, doubling your budget.   However, tonight, I got to make a tiny, low budget ($0.00) film to announce Oracle Productions new filmmaker platform, The Aperture Series.  I worked with the Artistic Director for Oracle Film and his daughter – tiny, little Izzy Clark.  She’s pretty cute and quite precocious.  Of course, editing fixes all the BS no one ever sees — the looking into the  camera, tantrums, playing with pots and pans, daddy goading his daughter to do funny things . . . however, this was pretty minimum.  It was just fun and only took 15 minutes to shoot.  So, take a look and if you have the time and are in Chicago, come see my films . . .

Aperture Series 1: Timmy Tamisiea from Jeremy Clark on Vimeo.

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