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194/365 – Nerves

The Aperture Film Series will be up in two weeks and I’m pretty nervous . . . excited, but nervous.  Except for Bob Seger Rocks, this will be the first time my films will have screened for a public audience.  But that’s one of those things about being an artist . . . you have to put your work out there.  You need to see how people will react.  It’s a huge ball of tension that you’ll be putting on yourself, but it is so necessary.

It’s like Sonic before he rolls into that ball . . . minus all the gold rings. Unless you do magic.

However, I think about the nervous energy I have when I’m backstage before a show.  It ramps me up, gives me energy and prepares my mind and body for the coming performance.  When I was in high school musicals – yeah, I did musicals . . . they weren’t putting up Ibsen in high school.  Of course, that would have been awesome.  Ibsen as done by a bunch of 16 year-olds?  Probably more suited to that kind of high drama than any adult performance.

Shakespeare and Ibsen, eat your heart out.

However, I digress . . . in high school, the nervous energy was so awful that I would shake.  But that turned into kinetic energy as soon as I jumped onto stage.  And it was exhilarating.  Hopefully this will all come to me when the films screen in two weeks.

It’s like Amy Poehler said,

I think it’s glorious to be nervous. Being nervous is great! How often do we get nervous on a daily basis? Being slightly nervous means you care, and you’re alive, and you’re taking some kind of risk. Hooray for being nervous! A friend told me to substitute the word ‘excitement’ for ‘nervous’. That way you acknowledge the physical feelings without putting a negative spin on things. So to answer your question, sometimes I still get so excited about ‘Update’ that I want to throw up.

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