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198/365 – Moving Violation

I spent the majority of today calling moving companies.  Lots of them . .  and let me tell you — boy are the expensive.  And they’re working on commission.  You now a guy is working on commission when he has the following conversation with you;

“Hey, Tim, how many quotes have you gotten?”

“Oh, I just started, so about three.”

“Three.  And where do we fall?”

“Somewhere in the middle.”

“How many you plan on getting?”

“About ten –”

“– Ten!  You mean to tell me you don;t have anything better to do than call moving companies?”

This kind of pissed me off.  As you may recall, I hate salesmen (see this or that).  Their ingenious, single minded douche bags who are so transparently insincere that it hurts to know people talk this way.  It hurts even more to know that this language is something they think will work . . . like most of American’s are just that stupid.  “Yeah!” I said,”I have tons of things I’d rather be doing.  I’d rather be playing video games or vacationing in the Caribbean.  I could name dozens of things I would rather be doing.  But then, if I was doing those things, I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence and finding the right moving company for me.   So, I can’t do anything else as I have to do the proper research.  I can’t just take the first quote someone gives me.”

He backed off a bit.

I hate salesmen.  And we’re still not sure who we will chose to move us.  MOVING!


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