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199/365 – 6 Tickets
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199/365 – 6 Tickets

Graduation.  A high watermark for many of us.  For most, it will happen only twice in their lifetime.  For others, it’s just a rolling date that delays their entrance into the world as a contributing member of society.  When I was in high school, it conjured excitement at the prospect of moving out of the house, into a dorm and having little to no parental control.  In college, it conjured fear of the unknown.  After years of wading in mild responsibility, now I was completely untethered.  It was time to become a true adult — as opposed to the fake one I had been the past four years.  (Or, for some, six years.)

This guy becomes a perpetual student by eating other students.

When it comes to grad school commencement, the feelings that are conjured are much the same as the high school and undergrad ones.  Especially if the education you recieved is miles off from what you were previously doing.  I have to get a job.  I have to make this education worth the 100K in debt.  I have to prove that this was a good idea.  I have to show those who laughed at my talent that they’re stupid dumb dummy heads.  I have to provide for my family.  I want to be stable so that I can start one.  I have to mature — quick.

2003 Timmy agrees . . . weeeee!

Today I picked up my Graduation tickets.  I only got 6 but need 12.  That’s besides the point . . . it’s real now.  I’m done.  Or, almost done.  Between graduating and planning the big move to LA, I’m emotionally exhausted.  There isn’t a moment that goes by that I’m not thinking about how much change is about to happen — the stress is thick . . . and it’s transferable.  At times, Megan and I are both vibrating with anxiety.   As a couple, we tend to intensify our emotions as opposed to compliment them.  So, when I’m anxious, she gets anxious.  When she’s stressed, I get stressier.  It’s called empathy – or sympathy pains — or some other psychosis . . . We’re crazy.  There are times when we have to slow down and spell it out, “Timmy, I’m stressed and I need you to calm me down.”  Or vice versa.  In other words, we really are a truly compatible couple.

Just like this couple, Megan uses telepathy to calm me down . . and I’m black.

There’s an episode of Doctor Who I watched recently where The Doctor said, “If you’re afraid of something, it’s probably worth doing.”  I can not agree more — and, at the same time, I couldn’t hate that statement more.  It’s true.  Most of the crazy, dumb-ass decisions I made in my life were based on knowing it was a risk.  If I hadn’t taken those risks, I wouldn’t have a beautiful wife.  I wouldn’t have gained so much experience in Lancing, MI.  I wouldn’t have lived in NYC.  Doesn’t mean the fear just subsides.  It just means you have to trust it.

Just like Alicia Silverstone should have just trusted Mark Wahlberg in Fear.

Moving to LA is a huge risk.  When the seed was planted a few years ago, it seemed so easy.  Now, it seems so hard.  But, I have to take that plunge.  I have to try it.  If I don’t I’ll never know just how successful I could have been.  So, I have these graduation tickets.  They’re only made of paper.  They’re only flat objects.  However, they symbolize so much more.  This year has been crazy enough as it is — planing a wedding, marraige, honeymoon, Semester in LA, graduation, my thesis, moving . . . life won’t slow down and, quite frankly, I can’t afford that luxury.  It’s time to head straight into the future, eyes open and ready.

I have 6 tickets for my graduation, but only one for my future . . . okay, hat was cheesy.  Blah.  Wash my mouth out.  Enough of seriousness.  Here’s a farting cat.


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