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201/365 – Signed Off

This is a future blog post!  I came here from Friday to tell you about how awesome this day will be.  See, readers and past Timmy, I (you, past Timmy) just has a meeting with Bruce Sheridan — head of the Columbia College film and video department and my (your) Thesis Advisor.  I can’t write much because it could screw up the space time continuum and make everyone into donkeys — but I can say this.  Your thesis film, (Super) Dan has been given the sign off.  The cut is great.  He loved it.  So finish that damn thing and get out of grad school.  I have to get back to my time.  There’s a beer waiting for me at home . . . oh, and don’t sit in that CTA car at the end of the train . . . there’s a homeless man in there who smell like dog food and death.  It’s pretty bad.

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