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202/365 – Marriage; It Is What It Is.

Welcome to day 200!  When I started this blog, it was a device to adapt to the old adage, “Writers write.”  I would add “everyday” to the end of that.  Before October 1st (when this blog officially started) my writing was sporadic, uneven — hell, it’s hard to call yourself a writer when you only do it once in awhile.  I mean, I am definitely a filmmaker because I can’t necessarily make a film everyday and there’s much more to making them then being in production.  So, I started this blog to really keep my writing going.  It was a blog just for me.  However, as I reach my 200th post, there’s a bit of dissatisfaction with this blog.  I kind of want more people to enjoy them other than me, my mom, my mother-in-law and that weird Asian kid across the street.

NO, Stephen, I don’t. It’s a marriage blog – sort of. Stop staring in my window! (You thought his name was Yang or Chang, right? Racist.)

The theme of this blog started out as “The First 365 Days.”  I wanted to just have a log of my first year of marriage — everyday.  That’s changed.  A lot.  What was a blog about Megan, me and the honeymoon period of our lives has turned into a blog about whatever.  In short, this blog has a lot of filler — writing for the sake of writing.

Great blogs, heck, even good ones, have a point — a distinct purpose.  They write about cooking or comics or film or woodworking or sandwiches . . . sandwiches . . . . yum.  Sorry.  Anyway.  Let’s face it, marriage isn’t one huge speed ride.  It’s not like putting on that ring is the equivalent of having an intravenous speedball hooked up to your nose.  Crazy times 24/7 it is not.

As crazy as these two look, it got worse when they started humping those bunnies a second after the picture was taken.

Sometimes we don’t see each other at all during the day.  Sometimes I sit in silence while she watches the same re-run of Criminal Minds for the 3rd time.  What am I doing . . .

Being humiliated by other real criminal minds.

The fact is, there are things that happen between Megan and I that I don’t want to share on this blog.  They might be fodder for good writing, but do I really want to recount the trials and tribulations of my marriage to strangers?  If we have a fight, I’ll admit, I’m not keen on sharing that.  In all honesty, we don’t fight that much.  But if we do, I don’t want a handful of amateur marriage councilors handing down their advice from on high.  Well, at least not from my 8 readers.

Really, I love my wife but I’m only sharing my bad days.  If she’s having a bad day, that’s for me and me only.  I’ll will take care of her.  I will not share it with the public — at least not here.  You can find me at Hopleaf bar on Clark retailing stores of rage and woe.  That’s the name of my new memoir, by the way, Rage and Woe.

We already have a author headshot for the back of the book. Just need tow write it now.

The question is, then, am I really a good blogger?  Isn’t a good blog about being brutally honest about your topic?  Maybe I’m a decent writer but not a good blogger.  So, I’ve decided to get back to basics.  I strated this as a writing dare; a challenge to myself to write everyday.  Not to air my laundry — well, my wife and I’s laundry.  At the same time, the focus of this website has gotten lost.

Here’s my promise to all 9 of you (WOW.  Never had my numbers go up in the middle of a post.  Welcome stranger . . . wait . . . he’s gone.  Back to 8.  He was looking for “MegHanAndTimmy.com”  That site BLOWS! . . .

Meet Meghan and Timmy.

Oh.  Yes.  The promise.  To bring a little more structure to this blog I promise the following:

1) At least 1 post about my marriage a week.

2) At least 1 LIST post a week.  (One of my goals has ben to build a portfolio of humor posts to submit to Cracked.com – might as well make that an official goal).

3) At 1 FILM related post a week.  I’m a filmmaker.  Might as well jump on that train.

4) At least 1 NERD related post every 2 weeks.  I can manage that, right?

So, here’s to the next 165 days.  The last 200 weren’t too bad.  Right?  RIGHT?  ANSWER ME!  . . . I failed . . . oh, you were sleeping  Thought I failed.  Shhhh, my readers are sleeping . . .


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