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209/365 – Traditional Home

I like to think my mom is the bomb.  I mean, she raised me and I’m the bomb . . . so that would make me a son of a bomb, right?  Nope?  Okay.

Actually, I really do think she is quite the lady.  One of her many accomplishments (besides making me – and I am a HUGE accomplishment) is her small business, Voila, Blooms in Dundee.  This is her flower shop (or shoppe if you all British and stuff) and it’s quite amazing.  My mom, or Ann as some people call her — or Flora, Queen of the Stem, Purveyor of the Mighty, Banisher of the Naughty — anyway, mom has quite a eye for home decorating and has made herself quite an awesome business.

Well, my mom has been given the honor of having her style featured in the magazine, Traditional Home.  I scanned the article, but unfortunately, the scanner is only B&W.  I’ll try to get a color one up later.  The B&W just doesn’t do it justice.


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