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210/365 – AVENGERS!!!!

This week The Avengers movie is released.  BOOM!  Yeah, I said boom.  I’ll also add pow, snict and wowza!  In honor of one of the greates comics to ever be released, I plan on dedicating a few post to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes . . .

But let me take you back to a time when hair wasn’t just long, it was big and bulky.  A time when special effects meant was about paint and prosthetics.  A time when costumes were the only hope of holding the suspension of disbelief.  I give you, THE AVENGERS, 1978!!!

Yes!  Marvel at Lou Ferrigno’s poorly painted body.  Be amazed at the garbage can that is Iron Man . . . and the weird magician/porn star that plays Tony Stark.  Scream at the motor cycle hemet of Captain America and his uncanny ability to jump three stories like he had a cool reverse button.  And Paul Lind as Loki?  YES!!!!

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