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211/365 – Marchatonia

Just finished up the Aperture Series tonight . . . so no more posts about that.

It was fun and nerve racking and stressful and crazy . . . and it happened.  While these films were major hits . . .





The film that got the most feedback, or, I should say, caused the most discussion was a found footage film I made called Marchatonia.  It started as a project where I wanted to show a travelogue for Nazi Germany —  but created by a US advertising company.  The kind of this that is trying so hard to spin a bad idea that it appears as if the creators just turned a blind eye for the sake of a paycheck.  I have it on Vimeo but want to submit it to film festivals.

The premise is that Marchatonia is the leading exporter of marching.  Images of the atrocities of WWII (interspersed with images of the Russian Revolution and early Vietnam images) are played off by a happy, excited voiceover extolling the “pleasures” of Marchatonia.

When I first screened it in class, 9 out of 10 of my classmates hated it.  They were livid I would juxtapose images of WWII with the voiceover spinning the facts.  I think they were uncomfortable with their own reactions to it and so wanted me to change the film — because changing the film, to them, would be easier than changing their reactions.

When it screened at Aperture, there was one night where no one laughed.  I mean, it’s satire and satire isn’t always safe.  When the film starts, though, I am so tense up until I hear a laugh.  If you ever want to watch the film, reply below and I’ll send you a link.  I’d love your opinion.

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