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Monthly Archives: April 2012


192/365 – Spambot

Spam is slowly becoming my favorite thing about writing this blog.  I don’t have a spam filter so I get some doozies!  Doozies as in they’re so excellent and so well written.  Like a foreigner learning to speak English.  They all sound like they were […]


191/365 – Aperture Series Video 2

Still hungover from Saturday’s shit storm of drinking.  Ugh.  But, I do have this new promo for the Aperture series.  Check it out.

Thank you, Jesus, for dying so that we could mix chocolate and peanut butter together.

190/365 – Easter Bunny Blues

Easter!  Christ is risen!  Candy is given!  Bunnies are . . . played by Jeremy Piven! Let’s get nostalgic for a moment, shall we?  Back when I was 8 or 9 or 10 or not yet a man but not so much a boy . […]


189/365 – My Friend, PR.

The minute I knew I was moving from NYC to Chicago, I tried to cram everything into two months.  I went to all the museums I missed.  I visited all the friends I had made.  I ate at all those places I said I’d always […]

variety masthead

188/365 – 30 Ridiculous “Slanguage” Terms Used in Variety

Variety.  The Hollywood Reporter.  The trades, as we call them, are an essential part of working and surviving in Hollywood.  The whole industry is built on the idea that it will always be fluid, always be changing and those who can follow those changes and […]


187/365 – The First Joke

An Indian Chief (Native American) awoke one morning and realized that in his whole entire life, he had never farted.  Not once.  He wanted to know what that sensation felt like.  So he approached the tribe’s shaman and said, “Big Chief, no fart.” The shaman […]


186/365 – Time Wasters!

As human beings, living in an era of video games, Facebook and Hulu, there’s more crap out there for us to waste our time on than ever before.  I was thinking about this because I finally started watching the first season of Game of Thrones. […]

Yeah, she's Willy Wonka.

185/365 – IZZY!

Never work with animals or kids.  It’s the old filmmaking adage.  If you do, you can double your production time, hence, doubling your budget.   However, tonight, I got to make a tiny, low budget ($0.00) film to announce Oracle Productions new filmmaker platform, The […]

Of course, this guys been following me around the apartment, staring at me for 15 hours straight, so . . . same thing, right?

184/365 – Half Done

This here folks is the half way point.  182 posts is juts half of 365.  I’ve been writing this damn thing for half a year.  Color me impressed.  Really.  I suffer from mild ADD, and so my motivation is always in conflict with my straying […]


183/365 – 6 Months

This is my wife . . . This is us . . . . This is our nuptuals . . . We too these vows exactly 6 months ago.  October 1, 2010.  I’m gonna make her my mom’s famous Chili with my additions and watch […]