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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska

Monthly Archives: May 2012

Don't you dare yell at me, me!

243/365 – The Trip: Coda

We’re in California!  We did it.  We didn’t tear off each other’s heads.  We didn’t file for divorce.  We didn’t crash the truck and collect insurance as we faked our deaths . . . wait, how can you collect insurance if you’re dead? Oh, that’s […]


242/365 – The Trip-Day 8: Destination California

Up and Adam!  Sort of.  With a twinge of dehydration and a yearning to be in California, Megan and I embark on our last day of travel.  We wake up, pack and head downstairs for the essential Las Vegas staple: the breakfast buffet.  Never really […]

Wait a minute . . . are we in Vegas or New York?  Oh, Sin City, you tricked us again.

241/365 – The Trip-Day 7: Sin City

Woke up in the creepy Mormon surroundings of The Seven Sisters Inn.  Despite the creepiness, these Mormon chicks really lay on the good food.  Especially when compared to sad showing Glenwood Springs showed us the day before.  I mean, look at Megan’s parfait! Goodbye Seven […]


240/365 – The Trip-Part 6: Utah and The Seven Wives

Woke up all psyched for the real hot breakfast the hotel promised us.  I mean, you pay 90 bucks a night for a hotel room in small town Colorado, a hot breakfast is expected!  Instead, we got a line out the door.  The way the […]


239/365 – The Trip-Part 5: Colorado

I love my cousin, Josh.  He;s super funny.  An unbelievable dad and an all around good human being.  I do love him . . . but sleeping on his air mattress has brought back those Chicago air mattress pains from days ago.  Damn it!  That […]

Just like this guy was useful.  And he's real!

238/365 – The Trip-Part 4: Across Nebraska

Time to take that hulking Penske truck on it’s next leg — DENVER!  Woke up and said goodbye to Mom and Larry and headed further down I-80.  We pop in some more World War Z and let the wind take us where it wants . […]

An overhead view of heartbreak.

237/365 – The Trip-Day 3: Omaha Part 2

Dad picks me up around 10:30am.  He loads my LeMond into his car and we head to Council Bluffs – his house – to go on a much needed bike ride.  This is where ol’ Deano excels.  I hadn;t ridden my bike since October and […]

My two favorite ladies: Grams Buchan and Megan.

236/365 – The Trip-Day 2: Omaha Part 1

Nothing like a good night’s sleep.  A real night’s sleep.  With Chicago about 300 miles behind us, Megan and I look forward to a relaxing two days in Omaha. First thing’s first; Legends Comics and Coffee.  My old pal David Demarco opened this shop this […]

Us and the home we had made in Chicago.

235/365 – The Trip-Day 1: Goodbye Chicago

Anxiety, god damn it.  Having a truck filled with your life’s belongings is a time bomb for anxiety.  Having it parked on a public street turns that time bomb into a WMD.  What I’m saying is I didn’t sleep much last night.  I just kept […]


234/365 – Team Move!

Man.  Let me tell you.  If there’s any proof of having great people as friends it’s when you need their help loading a truck.  Today, instead of tiny Megan and weakling Timmy loading a 16 foot Penske truck by themselves, we had 5 people helping […]

Plus now I have time to make this sweet box fort!

233/365 – Final Prep

I’ve never been a procrastinator when it comes to big projects.  I need to start early and work in spurts.  Cramming is just not me.  Lot’s of people say they work best when working under pressure — especially time constraints.  I think that is bullshit. […]

I'm the one on the floor.  Megan is the one with the wrong time.

232/365 – The Day After

Uuhhhhhhhh.  Cough.  Ugh.  Sleep . . . . . . . . . . . . . What!?  Oh.  Hi.  Can’t talk.  Hung over.  Very tired.  Sick.  Queazy.  Too much fun.  Last night.  Sunday is today.  Need to pack.  Can’t speak full sentences.  Blew roof […]

Thank you Chicago Urinals for being there when we needed you the most.

231/365 – Miss Murphy’s & Sons

God damn.  I’m writing this post the day after our going away party and I can not remember a thing.  I was super drunk.  Supposedly I yelled at a bunch of fat girls and a cop — at the same time and almost got beat […]


230/365 – NATO and Ocean Warfare

Today is very important.  Very very very important.  Like, monumental in the history of our country important. Yeah, yeah, yeah — The NATO summit is in Chicago.  Whoop-te-doo.  What’s really important is that Battleship opens today and John Serve and I will continue our tradition […]


229/365 – Time with Friends

When I left New York, I spent my final week trying to fit in every last tourist attraction I had neglected to see.  The Met.  Various restaurants.  The Statue of Liberty.  We had a going away party and it was fun but I felt like […]

Mischievous drunk.

228/365 – Cubs Win?

Eleven years ago I was living in New York City.  I was involved in a long distance relationship that had no end in site and I was deciding if I was gonna leave New York for greener pastures in Chicago.  The girl I was dating […]


227/365 – Sweet Thing

I’ve been so mired in packing that I feel behind by 8 days in my blog.  Understandable. So, I’m sitting here at Chava (A Cafe!) and finishing up some posts.  A song came on my iTunes and made me sit back and remember one of […]

See, Megan, he;ll give you crabs . . . oh, that's a lobster?  You win this round Mr. Brown.

226/365 – What Greek Drama is This?

Megan has some cute habits when she’s tired or sleeping.  She’ll revert into this childlike state, swatting the cares of the world away as she races towrds slumber and sweet dreams of Alton Brown . . . that hussy.  Alton Brown.  Not Megan.  He’s probably […]


225/365 – A Derby Little Secret

Megan and I are making headway.  I’d say we’re pretty damn close to having most of our stuff ready to go to LA.  Some administrative odds and ends are left: cleaning utilities, bringing left overs to donation centers, getting moving help . . . But […]

Don't let the box fool you.  It's full of dirty Pampers.

224/365 – Chilltastic

Drink a Miller Lite.  Then down some nasty, expired lime syrup.  Wait.  Take a shit then feed that shit to a baby.  Wait.  Let the baby take a shit in it’s diaper.  Eat the diaper with a few cups of sugar.  Shit out the diaper […]