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214/365 – Umemployed

Today was my last day of employment for . . . 4 months?  Oh god.  When I write it down it hits a lot harder than just thinking it.  What am I going to do with myself.  That’s an easy question.  I have too much to do anyway.  The question is, how am I going to keep myself alive.  Food.  Rent.  Comics . . . I’m screwed.

That’s what it feels like. Truth.

But in the end, what’s more weird than juts suddenly being unemployed is that it finally hit . . . I’m done with school.  If you read my blog (all 2 of you – big drop after that last post about my nakedness) you know that my job was at Columbia College where, on Sunday, I will be graduating from.  I’ve had some great times at the Screenwriting center.  However, When I walked out that door, it was clear that it was as much of a protectove bubble as grad school was.  It’s time to really pursue a career.  Really live like an adult.  REALLY be in debt and pay for it . . . ugh.

I thought cartoons were supposed to be funny.

The fact is, I’ve held way too many jobs to count.  That happens when you’re in the arts.  You hold down what you can to keep your head above the water . . . or above the trash . . . just trying not to sink period.  And now, actually going for a career — something I don;t think I ever took too seriously – well, it;s exciting and scary and exciting and frightening and exciting and horrifying all at the same time.

So, Screenwriting Center — thanks for the great year,  Let’s hope this new path is just as great.

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