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217/365 – Skin So Soft

Today was the wedding of our great friends, Abby and Meredith.  One’s Jewish.  The other is Indian.  Let the wackiness begin.

Actually, this wedding was so fun and so unique.  It made me miss these times when Megan and I were planing our wedding.  The stress and thrill of it all.

Their vows were amazing.  Just so sincere and off the cuff.  Abby even talked a lot about how smooth Meredith’s skin is.  How great is that?  I wish I had more to share, but I’m tired and need to get some sleep.  Maybe I’ll give you a play by play later.

I did get a little drunk and post this on Facebook:

At my friends’ Meredith and Abby’s wedding and while the brined is beautiful my wife is absolutely stunning. She just he more and more beautiful everyday.

Well, my spelling may be horrendous, but let me tell you — Megan WAS stunning.  Just absolutely beautiful.  I felt pretty lucky to have her on my arm.  Her and this bottle of Johnny Walker Blue!

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