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218/365 – Master of Fine Arts
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218/365 – Master of Fine Arts

2:20am.  Reeling from a night of dancing and drinking at a wedding – slightly intoxicated and knowing that I have to awake at 6am to get ready to become a Master of Fine Arts (Graduation), I get this nebulous text message from Tammer The Hammer (otherwise know as Sean, my youngest brother).

Tim, I’m so sorry but I typed in your address in the gps and its not giving me directions.

Now, Sean is supposed to arrive form a wedding he was attending in Wisconsin around 3am.  So what does this mean?  Is he coming?  Is he on his way.  Is he lost.  Is he saying he won’t be coming?  Do the Packers have him?  What DOES THIS MEAN?

Give me back my brother!

So I spend the entire night texting and calling him interspersed with tossing and turning in my bed.  I finally know what it feels like to be a parent and worrying where your kid is late at night.  It was awful.

So, today, with absolutely no sleep, being awake for well over 24 hours, I walked across the stage at The Chicago Theatre and received the case where my masters degree will be held.  I graduated.  Well, I didn’t graduate as much as I “walked”.  I still have to finish my Thesis film.  Still, I finally did it.


Turns out Sean didn’t punch in the state and got turned around in Wisconsin, his phone ran out of batteries and he went back to the hotel where he stayed for the wedding.  He made it to Chicago by 1pm — I got a text from him 30 minutes before I walked across that stage.  I was just glad he was safe.

That’s your problem, Sean. YOU’RE IN TEXAS!

Anyway, despite the brother confusion, I did graduate.  It’s been a long 5 years filled with so much hardship, celebration and accomplishment.  Someonbe told me that in the process of getting this terminal degree my life would be far from what it was when I began . . wait, yes, I did say Terminal degree.  That dons’t mean I’m dead.

Of course, this guy did hand me my diploma . . .

In any case, my life has changed quite a lot.

–5 years ago —

–Megan was just my girlfriend.

–I could drink till 4am.

–I had a 9-5.

–I was trying to be a professional actor.

–I never made a real film in my life.

So thank you Columbia.  It’s been a ride . . . well, it’s still a ride.  Gotta finish that Thesis.  Oh, and thanks for the stress Tammer.  God damn-it.



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