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219/365 – Stress Induced Moving

Well, now that the festivities are done, it’s packing time.  I can not say how much my posts will really follow a struck regimen in the next three weeks.  I’ll try, but the stress is getting to me.  Usually moving doesn’t strestt me out.  I’ve done it so  many times — but a long distance move such as this . . . ugh.

This people are just assholes. Take your zen shit somewhere else.

So much to do and I feel like it’s cutting into my final moments in this town I love so much – Chicago.  My dad is here with me and we’re trying to start the process . . . and without Megan it’s slow going.  I just don’t know what she wants to keep and get rid of.  We’re not hoarders here.  We’re more like pack rats — our emotional attachment to our belongings isn’t as pronounced as you’d think.  I mean, we’re not these people:

We’re just two people who’ve lived in this city for so many years we’ve accumulated quite a pile of stuff.

Not that kind of stuff.

This kind of stuff . . .

Okay, so maybe I do have an emotional attachment to some of my stuff.

I mean, Megan has a lot of this stuff . . .

I don’t mean she has Wilson Phillips chained up in our apartment somewhere . . . god knows I would have found Carne by now.  She has a lot of cheesy CDs and DVDs.  Listen, no more arguing — Megan and I just need to pare down our lives.  So, in short — I’ll keep writing, you keep reading and hopefully we’ll get through this move together.

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