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222/365 – Odontophobia
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222/365 – Odontophobia

It’s become well known that I have this fear of my own teeth.  I try to take care of them, but flossing annoys me and sometimes, at night, I’m so tired I forget to brush my teeth.  Add the fact that my anxiety makes me grind my teeth when I’m sleeping and you’ve got a recipe for dental disaster.  Seriously, I have no more points on my teeth — just a flat plane of enamel.  I’m like the anti-dracula — no points.

See those canines? No you can’t, because they’re gone.

I’m really getting better, though.  I just don’t know where in my life my dental hygene failed me.  Or I failed my dental hygiene.  I remember my parents helping me brush as a kid, but I don’t think they checked in on me after awhile.  Somewhere during my early years, brushing never really instilled itself into a routine.  I clean my ears out daily but brushing sometimes is (or was) an afterthought.

Well, that doesn’t matter now, cuase it all comes to a head today.  After 5+ years of no dentists visits, I head to the dentist . . . and I’m afraid.  I hate the dentist.  Out of all the health practitioners a person will visit in tehir lifetime, Dentists are the most skilled at guilt trips.  Their like Jewish mothers with PhDs.  They make you feel so bad about your hygene . . . or lack there of.  Megan went to a dentist after not having insurance for awhile and the nurse held up a mirror to her bloody mouth and just said, “See what happens,” and walked away.

It really comes down to 4 reasons why I avoid the dentist —

1) Lack of Insurance.  Without it, I’m afrid of what costs will rack up.  Last time I had a root canal and two caps put in.  That was like 5000.00 bucks!

2) Unscrupulous dentists.  7 years ago I went to a Chicaho dentist named Margaret Mitchell who talked me into a gold cap.  A GOLD CAP.  That was a 2000.00 cap.  And without insurance.  Even though I pleaded with her about my lack of funds and wanted just porcelain, she insisted.  She upsold all my co-workers on ineeded treatment as well.

See that gold back there? I’m like some secret gangsta rapper.

3) The guilt trip.  Period.

See, some would say the pain is why they avoid the dentist.  I have a high threshhold for pain.  I’m not afraid of that.  It’s all the above.  So, I hope Ora Dental will be good to me, because I am suckingit up and getting this shit done.


(UPDATE – It went great,  One cavity.  No root canals.  No caps.  Getting a new mouth guard.  Total: 590.00)

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