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225/365 – A Derby Little Secret

Megan and I are making headway.  I’d say we’re pretty damn close to having most of our stuff ready to go to LA.  Some administrative odds and ends are left: cleaning utilities, bringing left overs to donation centers, getting moving help . . . But today, we’re making those final few strides to having a last week of ease and relaxation.  Being done early means we can truly enjoy our last week in Chicago.  Still, there’s work to do today.  We just found a box full of old Fried Green Durbin stuff.  Some of Megan’s oldest sketch comedy scripts and what not.  Packing is like going down memory lane.  I just found a bunch of old DV tapes from the first big comedy film I did in Chicago.  I did it for the IO film festival.  It wasn’t picked but it was the first time I edited digitally.  I think it’s pretty good considering.  This was all before Ellen Page’s little derby film — thief!


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