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227/365 – Sweet Thing

I’ve been so mired in packing that I feel behind by 8 days in my blog.  Understandable.

So, I’m sitting here at Chava (A Cafe!) and finishing up some posts.  A song came on my iTunes and made me sit back and remember one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen; my wife, walking down the isle.

For those of you who could not come to the wedding, I wish everyone could have seen that sight.  Both the entrance song and our first dance were just magnificent.  I want to share these songs with you.

And this is the song we had our first dance to.  Written by a talents and brilliant muscian and good friend, Steve Bartolomie.  This is on his self titled album, Mal Madrigal.  He plays every instrument on this song and sings.  Brilliant.

01 Old Man Winter

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