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229/365 – Time with Friends
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229/365 – Time with Friends

When I left New York, I spent my final week trying to fit in every last tourist attraction I had neglected to see.  The Met.  Various restaurants.  The Statue of Liberty.  We had a going away party and it was fun but I felt like I was celebrating the city, not my life in the city.  I wasn’t quite as sad to leave as I had only been in New York for 2 years.  As I ready myself to leave Chicago, I am fining myself much more inclined to be with the amazing friends I have made.

When I was entering my senior year of high school, I was given a scholarship that also meant I had to spend time with the man who endowed it.  He was a very wealthy alumn from my high school, Creighton Prep.  He gave me a piece of advice that I took to heart at the time.  However, now I’m not is sure,  He said, “Tim, you have good friends now, but the friends you make in College will be the ones you will have for a lifetime.”  The eleven years I have spent in Chicago have given me friends that College could never give me.  Granted, many of them are form my College days, but my bond with them is from my time here, not my 4 years at Marquette.  My last week in Chicago, I just want to spend time with my friends more than the city.

So, this past Tuesday I sat down with Brian Risselada and John Serve to finally watch Straw Dogs . . . and to play Marvel Vs. Capcom on Dream cast.  While Straw Dogs was funny in it’s own right (we’re sick people), the character selection screen for Marvel vs. Capcom is just this:

Yeah — you can imagine three old improvisor friends hopped up on sugar listening to this . . . or maybe you can’t.  Get some sugar and try it yourself.

Tonight, I got to spend time with my best friend Nolan and his family.  he’s got two great kids and a awesome wife.  While in New York I would have spent time getting drunk, we just had dinner and played with his kids:

Tate and Timmy — like two old people discovering digital cameras.


Elliot points out a picture of dad.


Parenthood. In a nutshell.

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