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231/365 – Miss Murphy’s & Sons

God damn.  I’m writing this post the day after our going away party and I can not remember a thing.  I was super drunk.  Supposedly I yelled at a bunch of fat girls and a cop — at the same time and almost got beat up by a Mexican biker for dancing lasciviously next to him.  Yes.  Goodbyes are hard to do.

The whole night was a blast.  Wether I remember everything or not is not the point.  We got to spend one last night celebrating the city that introduced us to our best friends.  We got toast to tie well spent.  We got to walks down a Chicago sidewalk intoxicated one last time.  AND we got to go to the infamous bar Tais Till 4.  A seedy, suspicious bar filled with douchebags., Mexican bikers, frat boys and, for one night, us.  Thanks Chicago

Here’s some pictures:

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