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234/365 – Team Move!
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234/365 – Team Move!

Man.  Let me tell you.  If there’s any proof of having great people as friends it’s when you need their help loading a truck.  Today, instead of tiny Megan and weakling Timmy loading a 16 foot Penske truck by themselves, we had 5 people helping us.  FIVE!  That truck was packed in less than and hour and a half.  And some stuck around to help clean the apartment!  We are loved.  Here’s TEAM MOVE!


Former Columbia classmate.  All around good guy.  Now studying to become a nurse.  His superpower – sass.  He arrived in a black tank top atop his bike.  He was ready to move.  Patrick makes moving light hearted as he laughs at all my stupid stuff I’m taking with me.  He could only help for about an hour but he did this all before he had to go to work.  PATRICK!

MATT SPITSEN (AKA Skinny Britches):

Matt is a tall, skinny dude but he can move shit.  And move it good.  Not real poop.  Our shit.  Not our poop.  Just our belongings.  You get it.  Matt was supposed to be working but he decided to lend a hand for an hour or so. His Superpower: Loyalty.  That and he can fly but only when he’s drunk. Megan and I are his Chicago family, so he will be missed.  But first, he needs to earn that missingness . . . and he did.  MATT!


Adam is a cast mate with Mission Imporvable and all around generous guy. His super power: quips! He was the comic relief but never stopped working.  He was there most of the day and even helped me get my 50 bucks for a per diem owed to me by Mission Improvable.  MONEY!  Also, he was instrumental in getting my TV off it’s stand.  ADAM!

DAVIS (AKA The Workhorse)


Davis is Drew Korb’s cousin and we barely know him.  His superpower: endurance.  That and southern charm.  Drew couldn’t come help so Davis sent me this text: “Hey Tim, this here is your good buddy/Drew’s cousin Davis.  Drew said y’all might be in need of some assistance moving this morning, and I would love to help.  Let me know what time and if there is anything I can bring to help out.  Thanks!”  Thanks?  No, thank you, big guy.  I love that he’s from Georgia so he even spells out “y’all”.  He came over and stayed to the bitter end, lifting, storing, moping and packing.  He helped clean the entire apartment.  All around great guy.  DAVIS!


Matt is an old high school pal and doesn’t fuck around when it comes to work.  His superpower: PrecisionWork Ethic . . . and beer. He demands direction and if he doesn’t get it, he directs himself.  A real self starter and a sin of a botch.  He gets things done and makes sure everything else is getting done.  He doesn’t wait for orders — he demands you give them.  He stayed till the bitter end as well, getting all the little odds and ends finished up.  MATT!


She just helps.  Her superpower: she’s cute.  And she’s my wife.  I win.


Superpower: snap button shirts.  I did it!

This team really got things done.  Even when I had to leave to get more supplies, they were still working their butts off.

At one point, Jeremy Clark stopped by with his daughter, Izzy:

Jeremy was there to take the rest of our donations to brown elephant for us.  It was really sad.  Izzy came in and started running around the empty apartment.  She thought it was pretty being all empty.  Megan even played hide and seek with her . . . however you play hide and seek in an empty apartment.  When it was time to go, Jeremy told Izzy to say goodbye — which she did.  Like usual, a quick goodbye.  Then Jeremy said, “No, Izzy, say a goodbye.  Megan and Timmy are moving to California . . . Izzy instantly got sad and wouldn’t say goodbye.  It was heartbreaking.  She just dug her head into her dad’s shoulder and would’t look at Megan.  She did the same to me.  Even slapped my hand away when I tried to pat her back. Izzy doesn’t like goodbyes.

Still, with all the work done so early, Megan and I were able to have one last Chicago meal.  We went to The Hopleaf with Rachel and Matt and had a delicious dinner.  I had the porkchop.  It was a nice cap to our final day in Chicago.  We went to bed on air mattresses . . one last slumber in the apartment we made our home for two years as a married couple.

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