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239/365 – The Trip-Part 5: Colorado
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239/365 – The Trip-Part 5: Colorado

I love my cousin, Josh.  He;s super funny.  An unbelievable dad and an all around good human being.  I do love him . . . but sleeping on his air mattress has brought back those Chicago air mattress pains from days ago.  Damn it!  That and it too quite awhile for his apartment to cooled down . . . that and his neighbors across the ally like to have band practice at 3am in their garage. I mean, if you’re going to have band practice at the butt crack of the morning, at least be good.  these guys sounded like they were a deaf/mute band who collaborated with a tone deaf band to make  a super group of musically retarded athletes.  Just awful.

It was Greenday.

So, no sleep for Timmy . . . or Megan.  But we’ll survive.  Josh made TURKEY BACON!  And Iced Tea!  Don’t know why, but man that hit the spot.  We hung out with Josh and Ian . . . let me just interject before I start to get into the logistics of our trip today.  I said this above, but  need to stress this — Josh is an unbelievable Dad.  He’s basically a single dad right now.  He really does his best to take care of Ian.  Makes me feel immature.

Ian. He’s getting to that “too cool for school” age.

What a handsome family . . . wait!  What?

This is where I get rid of that “too cool for school” attitude.

After we took this leasuly walk in one of Denver’s fine parks, Megan and I were picked up by the Johnsons.  Ron Johnson was an old neighbor who lived by us wehn my family lived in Elkhorn, NE.  Him and his two sisters were the cool teenagers down the street.  If they said to jump, we did.  Once Ron droped my on my head and when I cried he called me a baby . . . as did my brothers.  even though Ron was clearly wrong, my brothers knew to side with teh coool teenager.  This isn’t a moment for revenge — just a small reunion with Ron, Carla (his wife) and their three kids.

We went to a Bravarian bar and grill and had some good eats and better beer.  It was great catching up with Ron.  His son is a huge Iron Man fan.  They call him Tony Stark (even though his name is Nick).  I asked him what Tony Stark does . . . his answer?  “He drinks.”  Peerrrrrrrect.

Tony Stark and the gang.

When we got back to Josh’s house, Josh was getting ready for a date.  We were going to stay another night, but decided that it was time to move on.  Since the trip had started, we hadn’t had any real alone time.  Ron and Carla told us of a small town about 4 hours away that had a natural hot sring we could go to.  Se we started up the Penske and headed west to Gelnwood Springs, CO.

Tons of people told us not to go the Northern route to LA through Colorado.  Instead, they said to go the southern route through New Mexico.  Partky because they thought driving through the mountains would be dangerous.  Well, let me tell any of my readers planing on a road trip (WOW, really?  One of you is going.  Okay.  Here you go.) it is NOT dangerous and it is absolutely stunning.  I mean, check it out:


Just beautiful.



Okay.  Okay.  We did take other pictures.  I just got carried away with my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.  The scerey in Colorado was so beautiful that we had to get out the big gun: The Canon 60D:

Truck vs. Nature.

Truck vs. Nature.

Megan vs. Truck vs. Nature

Megan concedes.

. . . and quits.

Nature wins!

When we finally got through all the beauty — included some man made beauty, is, The Eisenhower Tunnel:

Anyway — nice tunnel, eh?  When we finally got to Glenwood Springs we realized that is was Memorial Day Sunday.  Nothing was goung on.  NO parades or dances or sock hops.  What the hell?  This is small town America.  Where the patritosim?  Where’s the pride?  Wher’s the white sales?  And the supposed hot springs were non-existant.  they were caves with hot spring heat.  Boooooo . . . and closed anyway.

Also, the hotel we were staying at wasn’t into the American pride of having large things, ie – our truck.  Took forever to figure out where to park it.   We tried the rafting place across the street but they threatened to tow.  We tried the main street but parking on the gravel on the side of a frontage road seemed dangerous.  We tried Luckily the staff were nice and let us park that big boy in front of the entrance.

We were so tired we decided to just go into town and get a bite, walk around a bit and then hit the hay.  So, we ended up at a little place called Juicy Lucy’s.  Megan was apposed to this place based on the name . . . I thought, “STEAKS!”

Delicious, delicious steaks.

More than Rubenesque women covered in rotting fruit, though, was the atmosphere.  They seated us on the back patio with two other couples.  The scene became an experiment in the phases of a relationship.  There was couple 1: Dumb Blonde and Mr. Tie.  They were clearluy on a first date.  She was getting scnockered and he loved it because all his jokes got funnier throughout the evening.  I gave them one night of sex and maybe two months.

Then there was couple 2: Sideways Hat and Bored Smart Phone Girl.  They both sat in silence, messing with their phones.  When his HUGE steak came, he took three or four bites and gave up — spent the rest if the time staring at her as she ate slowly.  He never initated a conversation.  I ‘d say they were dating for about a year and had some surprise event that is making them stick together.  Probably a steak baby.

Then there was couple 3: Dapper Timmy and Gorgeous Megan.  We had lively converstaion.  Laughed.  Were genrally destined for a glorious lifetime of bliss.

When we left, we were going to get a drin kat Doc Holliday’s saloon.  This is as close as we got:

Well, maybe not that far — here’s a better representation:

“I’m your huckleberry.” The bar also comes with Tuberculosis.

At the end of the night, we crashed.  It was a long day.

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