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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Oh, yeah, keep that.  I can use it later to kill myself so I can pass along my mess to my kids.

223/365 – Ironic Hoarding

Guys!  It’s totally like rain . . . on your WEDDING DAY!  It’s like a free f’ing ride . . . WHEN YOU’VE ALREADY PAID!  OMG!  It’s like free advice, that you just didn’t take!  Like, who woulda thought?  It totally figures, right? Irony.  Right […]

Photo on 5-15-12 at 11.33 AM

222/365 – Odontophobia

It’s become well known that I have this fear of my own teeth.  I try to take care of them, but flossing annoys me and sometimes, at night, I’m so tired I forget to brush my teeth.  Add the fact that my anxiety makes me […]

A two bedroom.  Excellent!

221/365 – Tape and Cardboard

I’ve been packing all day, going through the ghosts of my days here in Chicago.  The unsettled dust floating around me like ghostly memories.  It’s bitter sweet.  Finding those old keep sakes you forgot about.  Making the hard decisions about what to strike down and […]


220/365 – Directing Workshop

Today I am heading to the film building for one last hurrah.  I probably won’t set foot in that building for a very long time.  Bruce Sheridan, the chair of the film department and my thesis advisor, has asked me to help give a diretcing […]

This people are just assholes.  Take your zen shit somewhere else.

219/365 – Stress Induced Moving

Well, now that the festivities are done, it’s packing time.  I can not say how much my posts will really follow a struck regimen in the next three weeks.  I’ll try, but the stress is getting to me.  Usually moving doesn’t strestt me out.  I’ve […]


218/365 – Master of Fine Arts

2:20am.  Reeling from a night of dancing and drinking at a wedding – slightly intoxicated and knowing that I have to awake at 6am to get ready to become a Master of Fine Arts (Graduation), I get this nebulous text message from Tammer The Hammer […]


217/365 – Skin So Soft

Today was the wedding of our great friends, Abby and Meredith.  One’s Jewish.  The other is Indian.  Let the wackiness begin. Actually, this wedding was so fun and so unique.  It made me miss these times when Megan and I were planing our wedding.  The […]

Guys.  Spoiler alert but you're right behind each other!

216/365 – Spoilers Assemble!

This morning at 12:01am, I saw the premiere of The Avengers.  The film was great.  I laughed.  I clenched.  I listened.  Lights danced across an off white screen.  It was a movie . . . see, before I saw the film I read some comments. […]

Always eating with the mask on.  Why?

215/365 – Dinner for the New Avengers (Preview)

All big plans take big time . . . and one of the posts I so dearly wanted d by today has gone astray.  For the longest time I’ve been planing on releasing a post all about the how the comic book team known as […]

That's what it feels like.  Truth.

214/365 – Umemployed

Today was my last day of employment for . . . 4 months?  Oh god.  When I write it down it hits a lot harder than just thinking it.  What am I going to do with myself.  That’s an easy question.  I have too much […]

A porn star I am not.

213/365 – Naked and Proud (Or, Don’t Scare The Chinese Kid Across the Street)

I am a lot of things.  Weird, maybe.  Hyper at times.  Quick tempered.  Maybe even sexy . . . shut up, readers!  All 6 of you. One thing I am not is shameful.  I have no shame.  Not really.  Well, at least not to the […]