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245/365 – A Day to Detox
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245/365 – A Day to Detox

Vacations are great . . . driving cross country is great.  However, when you write a daily blog, it creates a vacuum that sucks all your posts away.  What I’m saying is that vacations are like a Dyson . . . so beautiful and it sucks.  It happened when I first started this blog.  That was after Megan and I went to the Dominican Republic.  That was 10 days of bliss and then 10 days of trying to catch up with the blog.

Blogging. Like pooping out paper.

Today, my focus was to get this blog caught up.  I’m so many days behind.  I got up at 7am and rode my bike to the nearest Starbucks.  Sidebar – rising my bike felt great.  I miss it.  Now, I was set to stay there till 5pm and knock out all the posts about our road trip.  I was doing great, too.  Then the guy sitting next to me needed a plug for his laptop.  Mine was charged so I unplugged it and gave him the outlet . . . worst mistake I have ever made.

Suddenly I was bing pitched every stupid idea this guy had.  Adn it wasn’t that he had a lot of bad ideas, it was that he had the same one and he kept rehashing the talk over and over for an hour.  It was awful.  He wouldn;t shut up.  I tried to give him every non-verbal cue that I was bored . . . checking my watch, looking out the window, looking at my laptop.  He didn’t get it.  He would say things like, “Don’t put a donkey in a horse race,” and “I found the new Eddie Murphy.”

Wait, this is the new Eddie Murphy?

After over an hour, I had to get up a leave.  My excuse, “I have to pick up my wife.”  I think he finally saw how annoyed I was with him.  What a fucking joke.  This was a complete waste of my time left me so angry I could barely get any work done when I got home.  These are the LA types I want so badly to avoid.  The guys who are doing nothing but claim to know everything.  I want mentors who will help me learn from experience, not rumor, speculation and cliche.

So, it was an executive decision to left everything go for the day, rent a movie and just relax.  This could be a bad decision, but I need to stop working for a bit.

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