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248/365 – The PGA and an Assassin

Today it starts . . . the long process of starting at the bottom.  I wouldn’t even call it the bottom . . . I’d say I’m somewhere between the Earth’s core and some some deep earth oil deposits.  I’m an intern.  A gloriously wonderful coffee grabbing, coffee making, filing intern . . . At times I feel like I’m back at Prudential when I was an assistant.  But this time, no pay.  In contract, though, at least there’s some semblance of a ladder to climb here.

Today, I’m at the PGA.  Not the Pro Golfers Tour.  Even interns there get paid . . . I think they’re called caddies.  Nah.  I’m at the Producers Guild of America.  It’s not a union.  It’s more like a club.  And elite club for men and women who have produced at least 2 widely released features or 13 episodes of a television show.  No commercial producers are allowed yet.

There are some benefits.  I do get to go to free PGA movie screenings.  I get reimbursement for lunches and milage driven when they send me out on errands.  That’s more than I can say for a lot of internships.  As well, so far, they keep me busy.  It may be that I crash landed here at ground zero — this weekend is their annual Produced By Conference.  It’s the biggest event they sponsor and run, so there’s plenty of little odds and ends that need to get done.

All right, intern, start licking.

Also, I can say that my boss, Jo-Ann West is pretty amazing.  She makes all of us interns feel at home and needed.  I feel very comfortable here.  Despite popular opinion (and I mean that literally), I am not an instant social success in work situations.  It really takes me awhile to warm up to people and my professional face is securely in place.  So, taking it off for a more personal version of myself takes awhile.  Jo-Ann and the rest of the crew has made me feel much more relaxed here.  I’m sure this will be a good internship.

Soon, this will be my chair and I will rule the tine peasants of Hollywood. Ha ha ha!

Also, this came out today.  Enjoy!

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