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249/365 – Beacon
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249/365 – Beacon

Day two of the intern introduction week.  Today, it’s Beacon pictures.  Makers of such films as Spy GAme, The Commitments, The Hurricane and Air Force One which has one of my favorite pieces of dialogue — “Give a mouse a cookie . . .”  “. . . He’s ask for a glass of milk.”  You thought I was going to say, “Get off my plane!”  Too easy.

Harrison Ford is bigger than Air Force One, people!  He played Han Solo for God’s sake.

It’s only a half day as my supervisor is coming back form a vacation and needs to focus on catching up.  So, I get here at 1pm and I read a script at the front desk . . . and . . . sigh.  Not much else.  I hope they will have more for me to do.  Having work to do means I can interact a little easier with the employees (who all seem very laid back and nice).  However, sitting at the front desk means I’m so disconnected from the rest of the employees.  Interjecting myself into conversation is awkward when I’m so far from the action.  If I walk down the hall to put my two cents in about Game of Thrones, it just sounds like a weird guy eves dropping on a conversation from 20 feet away.

Dear God, I’m Milton.

In any case, they let me go early as President Obama just landed at LAX and the freeways are going to be hell.  I leave at 5:00pm . . . and guess what?  The freeways are already hell.  So I take a detour and stop at a coffee shop to do some writing.   After 2 good hours I go to a frozen yogurt place next door . . . and find it to be the most interseting ice cream experience I’ve ever had.

See, I LOVE frozen treats.  Ice Cream, Gelato, Frozen Yogurt . . . it’s all good.  I’m a sucker for those tasty treats.  I see a shop, I almost always have to stop.  Being in the land of Pink Berry is very dangerous for me.  This place is called Blockhead’s Shavery.  I don’t even look behind the counter when I order.  I just get the plain with strawberries, mochie and chocolate drizzle.  When they hand me my bowl, and I take a bite, I’m floored.  It’s like this pillowy, cloud of chewy, frosty goodness.  I’ve never tasted a texture like this.

I look behind the counter and the workers aren’t pulling a lever and leytting long spouts of cream flow into a paper cup.  No.  There a rotator with a huge shucnk of frozen yogurt on top.  The contraption pushes the chunk into a shave where the worker catches it.  It’s so hard to accurately explain both the texture of teh product and how it is made.  Here., this may help:

This is the texture, which doesn’t do it justice compared to actually tasting it.


And this is the contraption they use to make the treat.


Also, it’s an asian shop, so hey have flavors like black sesame and green tea.  They also have crazy asian toppings.  It definitely worth a trip.

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