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250/365 – Getting The Part
© 2012 Timmy Tamisiea. All rights reserved. "Thank you, Mr. Nugget, for coming in today.  We'll be in touch."

250/365 – Getting The Part

My transition to Los Angeles has been fairly easy.  I’ve visited here enough to understand the lay of the land.  I’m not so susceptible to culture shock.  I know about gridlock traffic, so it doesn’t surprise or really bother me.  I have a general understanding of how Los Angeles works.  I have met enough people here to have some kind of social network.  Add the fact that I’ve moved so many times that relocating has become second nature to me and I’m ahead of the game.  Starting these internships also paves the way for a feeling of normalcy through routine.

Well, as normal as Los Angeles can get.

It’s Megan that I’m worried about.  This is a huge change for her . . and quite frankly, no matter how much we say this was a move for both of us, it’s really a move for me.  Not that Megan didn’t want to relocate — we were both feeling a little closed up in Chicago — but in the end, this was for my career.  So I am fully committed to making her transition easy, smooth and positive.  So far, it’s gone pretty well.  She has her ups and downs, naturally, but she’s a fighter.

Having Groupon let her work remotely gives her some semblance of normalcy.  Beyond work — work, I might add could cause severe cabin fever — she needs something else.  The one thing she really wants to get back into is theatre.  She was making quite the comeback in Chicago.  However, coming out here — where theatre can be something of an afterthought in the entertainment community — she’s back at square one.

No, not the television series . . . but for Megan, that would be like being at Square 10.

The thing about my wife is that she is resilient and resourceful.  And she used those traits to get an audition for a play.  Granted, the theatre company is located about halfway to Santa Barbara, but she is determined.  She had the audition this past Tuesday.  I went with her and she left feeling really good.  She got a call back on Wednesday.  She said that she was the only person they hadn’t worked with who got a call back for the part she was auditioning for.  All the other girls didn’t even go to the initial audition. So, that’s pretty amazing.

Then, yesterday, she got the call . . . SHE GOT THE PART.  There’s nothing like that feeling of being recognized — especially in an audition.  Auditions are a real test of your courage and your sense of self confidence.  It’s you in front of a panel hat’s judging you.  No, it’s not like American Idol.  Those judges are there for ratings.  Most times, the judges don’t even give you a clue as to what they are thinking.  Many times they are overly polite, so how honest are they really being?

“Thank you, Mr. Nugget, for coming in today. We’ll be in touch.”

The other difference between the Idol shows and actual auditioning is that usually (USUALLY) the person auditioning has training or some experience.  They aren’t some schmuck who came in off the street or got through the screening process because seeing an awful audition (and it’s subsequent barrage of insults form the judges) is worth ratings.

My point exactly.

So, Megan is in a play and I couldn’t be happier.  She’s gonna do great.

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