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256/365 – Playing With Fire

I’m at one of my internships today.  I know it will eventually become busy.  I’ve been told it will become busy.  I hope it will become busy.  Right noiw, though, it’s not busy.  So I just catch up on my personal business or work for other internships.  Which makes me feel insanely guilty.  It’s a residual reaction from my Prudential days.  Back then, if I did anything personal, I felt bad or, in some cases, was caught and got in trouble.  That and the fact that I did so many personal tasks for my boss, that I was angry that I wasn’t doing actual work for the company.  So while my supervisor has told me it’s okay, I still feel weird about writing even this post.  But, still, I’m a little happy to catch up on writing and watch a few videos and the like . . .

It’s like playing with fire . . . wonderful, wonderful fire . . . okay, I’m not so guilty . . . I’m like this:

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