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259/365 – Dean’s 70!

If you all know my dad, Dean Tamisiea — and I know ALL of you do — I mean, it’s Dean Tamisiea . . . of the Tamisieas?  Come on, readers, do your research . . . I’ll wait . . .

You better hit the books . . . this Asian kid already has Dean’s life memorized up to age 34.

Got it?  No.  Well, Dean Tamisiea is my father.  He’s well read.  He’s very well educated.  He’s a retired radiologist.  He’s fit.  He’s lean.  He’s in better shape than you . . . I can almost guarantee that . . . oh, and this past Thursday he turned 70.  Yes!  Seven-Zero.  Seventy.

He doesn’t look a day over 5.

Also, Dean hates attention.  He would rather read a book than attend a party.  And when it comes to celebrating anything to do with his own achievements — he gets all modest and shy . . . like a 10 year old girl being told she’s pretty.  So what better way to disregard Dean’s shy nature than by throwing him a GOD DAMN SURPRISE PARTY!!!!  As gracious and somewhat disheveled and weird sons, my brothers and I thought it would be a great idea.

We also thought this was a good idea . . .

So, Pat, Sean, Chris and I pooled our resources (which amounts to a comic book collection, some running shorts and a few dollars) and invited all his friends and relatives to a big ol’ party.  Of course, in Dean fashion, two weeks into planning, he decides he’s going out of town that weekend.  I heard this from my own father-in-law — Dean was supposed to go on a road trip to Virginia and he was going to stop in Paducah, KY for a spell.  Pat and I were all set to surprise the red haired wonder with our presence in Omaha.  Instead, Pat had to reveal his intention of coming in.  SO, I was teh lone surprise son.

Well, let me tell you, some beer, soda, brats, burgers, cake and about 50 friends and family and we had a nice little shindig.  Here’s some photos . . . chances are non of you know these poople, so just create your own damn narrative . .  .or do I have to do everything?

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