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262/365 – Writers Group


A house.  A room.  A couch.  Two men.  They talk . . .

TT:     Hello, Timmy.

TT2:  Oh!  Why hello, Timmy.  We look good.

TT:     Stop.  Stop flattering us.

TT2:   No.

TT:     What did you say?

TT2:   I said, no.  I will not stop flattering us.

TT:     Well, then.  A disobedient tongue it is.  Consider ourselves not looking good.

TT2:  But —

TT:    No buts, me.  None what soever.  We have regected a request and that rejection is grounds for punishment.

TT2:  Who made us boss?

TT:    We did, remember?  Back when we were having a vote to determine who should lead this group of motley us.  It was unanimous.  We were to be boss of us.

TT2:  Ohhhhh.  Totally forgot.  Well, then . . . carry on, me.

TT:   Thank us.  NOw, where were we?

TT2: . . . We look good.

TT:   Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Fade to black over scream.



And that will be my first submission to the writer’s group I’ve been invited to.  Yes, I was invited to be part of a private group of writers who meet at Raleigh Studios on Tuesday nights.  I am both flattered and excited.  this could get me off my butt so I can write beautiful dialogue like the exchange above instead of just saying it to myself on all occasions.  I think I will call this one . . . The Dark Knight Rises.

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