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263/365 – Lost Cause
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263/365 – Lost Cause

Listen, I got a lot on my plate.  I’m a busy man with lots of . . . things . . . on my plate.  Like when I worked at Prudential, my boss will yell from her office, “Teem?  What on your plate?”  I would answer, “Work, lady.  Lots and lots of work!  For crying out loud!  Lt me ask you, what’s on your plate?  Fudge brownies, you fat cow!”

Okay — my boss at Prudential would never warrant that kind of response.  The point is, I am busy.  I have three internships, I’m looking for a new apartment in LA, looking for a job, writing a new screenplay, doing plenty of coverage, playing Xbox, improv shows . . . and this blog, alone, pretty much swamps me.  Add on my thesis and it’s August deadline, and I’m asking for an ulcer.  BUT, when Bek David Campbell asks that you send him a copy of your film with a detailed written pitch, you ask how quick.

“Who?” you ask.  Oh, you know, Bek David Campbell . . . Come on!  You know Mr. Campbell.  You don’t?  Sure you do — oh, my sincerest apologies.  Mr. Campbell and I are really on some personal terms.  What I mean to say is you know BECK, right?  Singer of such hits as Devil’s Haircut, Where It’s At and Loser.  This guy:

Well, thanks to my brilliant and hard working music supervisor, Jordan Duke, he has managed to get me the rights to put a song from LCD Soundsystem into my thesis film and possibly, the song Lost Cause by beck in there too.  The catch is that Beck and his manager want a more detailed description of my film, it’s marketing and it’s purpose.

So, when Beck asks for these things, I deliver.

Right now, I’m heading to a meeting with another music supervisor to obtain some sound a-likes.  We’re having lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Don Antonio’s — It’s Spencer Heidi’s favorite Mexican place. Weeeeee – barf.

Can I have the guacamole with the collagen.

Meanwhile, Jordan continues to negotiate with Beck.  I would write more, but this is just an update . . . and Beck is waiting for me.

Look at him. Waiting by the phone for Jordan to call . .. so adorable.

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