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264/365 – Tamisieas and the Four Winds
© 2012 Timmy Tamisiea. All rights reserved. Sweet ride!

264/365 – Tamisieas and the Four Winds

So, after his long R&R visit to Omaha, Patrick has made his way back to Los Angeles before he heads back to San Francisco.  What a joy!  It’s nice having Pat in town . . . probably because in all reality, Los Angeles is more his town than mine.  I mean, I’ve spent my fair share here, but he lived here for 4 years.  And while he wasn’t all that upset to leave when he did, he’s now a little more heart broken that he’s gone.

Katie Holmes is sad about about leaving Tom . . . Oh, she’s sad about Pat being gone form LA for so long. That makes sense.

He loves San Francisco — he can be as effeminate as he likes and it makes no difference to them.  However, being gone has made him realize what aspects of LA he really loved.  And, quite to both our chagrins, he loves a lot of it.  So, hopefully, in the near future, Patrick will be making his way back here as a permanent resident.

That’s one Tamisiea.  Two to go.

Sean.  Tamer the Hammer of legend and fame.  He’s been stuck in Omaha for way too long.  He’s getting cabin fever.  Not the kind that makes your flesh rip off or causes you to write really boring novels.

The first act is pretty solid, but then there’s no real resolution in the third act. Needs a rewrite.

I’m talking about the kind that makes your potential seem wasted.  Sean is a talented kid.  Omaha is a neat place — but for an outdoors adventure junky like Sean, it offers no more than a university climbing wall and the city pool system — possibly a slide or two and FunPlex.

Now that’s my kind of outdoor adventure.

He wants to move to California to try his skills in the great republic.   I think its a great idea — my mom may not be in that same boat.  Three sons in the California tax system . . . what will the world do next?  Make them gay . . . (Mom, I’m gay.  Megan is a marriage of conveincne . . . plus I like to dance.  I’m a dancer and DANCERS DANCE!)

2003 Timmy agrees . . . weeeee!

I do hope Sean makes his way here.  However, I do think Northern California is more his speed.  There’s just so much more outdoor adventure up there.  But, if he were to come here, I wouldn’t complain.

Then there’s Chris, who, if you’ve been following his Facebook profile . . . WAIT!  You haven’t been following the great CHRISTOPHER SCOTT TAMISIEA’s Facebook profile?  If you visit it you’ll find scrumptious recipes for Walnut Surprise, Neurotic House Cleaning Tips and a photo collection of his favorite fonts used in Indie music.  You”ll also find a very detailed history of his road to becoming a triathlete.  A very hard but accomplished road it is.

Sweet ride!

Which makes California a perfect place for him — lots of sunshine, roads, hills and water to train all year round.  Also, lots of broken, mentally unstable woman for him to relish.  Alas, I don’t think California is where Chris will ever be bound.  He’s a midwest boy through and through and the closest he’d get to a big city is Minneapolis . . . possibly Chicago.

So, in any case, the Tamisiea boys are scattered to the winds . . . two of them are . . . well, the westerly winds anyway . . . Fine, two of us are in California, one to possibly follow.  Let me just get back on topic.  Patrick is in LA.  It’s cool.  I have brothers.  Weeeee.  Fart.  Happy?


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