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265/365 – Date Night with Wes Anderson

It’s been a tough month for the Tamisieas.  With moving from our beloved Chicago to a slurry of car troubles Megan and I have about had it.  She;s been working from home and trying to check on apartments for rent all day . . . usually to the tune of small and creepy.  the apartments, that is.  Add on the weight that the VW Jetta we bought has been in the shop since the 14th, her new theatre show was not what she was expecting, our social life is kind of non existent at the moment and we’ve not seen each other much and you have a stressed couple.

So, tonight, we’r having a date night.  Dinner and a movie.  Just us.  Me and Megan.  Some Mexican food and Wes Anderson and all will be well.  Yes, we’re seeing Moonrise Kingdom — a film directed by one of my favorite directors.  So, enjoy some commercials directed by Wes Anderson while I take my lady out.

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