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268/365 – Joan Crawford

Listen, I don’t want to get into this but I have to.  This is a personal blog with personal rants and personal thought.  So let me tell you . . . Joan Crawford is a bitch.  No, not that actress.  Granted, not a very nice lady. but she never did anything to me.  MAYBE she hit me with a wire hanger, but I deserved that.

I TOLD them I deserved it — stop looking at me like that, devil eyed woman.

No, I’m talking about the piece of shit car we bought from Carmax!  There was so much hope when we first bought it.  Then one thing after another kept going wrong.  And now, in the 21 days we have owned the car, we’ve had it in our possession 5 days.  That is, 5 non-consecutive days. Yesterday, they called Megan and said they need it an additional week.  That would make it 19 consecutive days we have noty had our car.  Supposidly they need to send it to a VW dealership to get repaired.

Okay, car people.  Let’s just call a lemon and lemon.  Or, at the very lease, a lemon a giant sized silver piece of shit that runs on petrol.  Megan was very worried about what name we could give our car.  It was almost as important as the car choice itself.  And so, after weeks of neglect and abuse form German engineering, she settled on Joan Crawford . . . because it looks beautiful in public, but once you get inside, it’s a real mean piece of shit.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our piece of shit, Joan Crawford.


Why did you adopt me!? Why did you adopt me!?

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