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269/365 – Megan Has A Crush
© 2012 Timmy Tamisiea. All rights reserved. What a MATURE man you have there, Megan.

269/365 – Megan Has A Crush

Spam sucks.  It’s just a fact of life.  It’s like someone squeezing a shit into your mail slot hoping you’re stupid enough to think it’s a letter.

Or letters into your mailbox hoping you think it’s shit.

I get a lot of nonsensical spam comments on this blog . . . A LOT!  They almost always nonsense.  Most of them were posted on an entry I wrote the first week of this blog entitled “White Slavery.”  I guess the world wide webisphere thinks White Slavery garners a lot of attention — a perfect opportunity for a spambot to post nonsense.  I had to shut down comments on this post because I was logging in only to find over a hundred spam comments.

I mean, the ol’ South was what I was aiming for and everyone knows the ol’s South is just ripe for spam.

Sometimes I get great comments by the spam community that I think warrant attention.  Today was one of those days.  I loged on to find a comment on the original welcome page — the one we created when this site was for our wedding.  I want this to be real so bad . . . You see, Megan (Or Meghan as Matin spells it) has an admirer.

Meghan your very cute,hot and sexy and you might think im very little but im 9 and in forth grade and i have like 97,94 vdeios and when i get to 100 im stoping maybe and i just wanted to see if you would reply if im cute or not and sub my channel and your so hot,cute and sexy that i will go out with you if i was 17 but im 9 lol im veery funny im on facebook zachery asbury and i just wanted to say your very hot,cute and sexy

Now, whether this is from a spambot or not, I think it’s priceless.  Creepy, but priceless.  And I really hope this kid exists.  I mean, he has 97 — WAIT, no, 94 videos!  NINTY FOUR videos!  Holy cow.  I mean, he may stop at 100, but let’s all hope and pray he doesn’t . . . .Wait.  Yep, theres a Zachery Asbury on Facebook and he’s a small guy.  Looks like I have competition.

Ooooooh, Meghan, you have to go out with him!  He’s got the entire Garbage Pail Kids series 3 set!  And he’s got a cool Diamond Back BMX bike!  He’s so dreamy.  I mean, he thinks you’re cute AND hot AND sexy.  What more could a woman ask for other than security, maturity and to have a man who’s gone through puberty . . . well, I guess me and Zachery have a lot on common.

What a MATURE man you have there, Megan.

Go get her, Zach!

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