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270/365 – Waffles or Pancakes
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270/365 – Waffles or Pancakes

My co-workers at Beacon Pictures . . . . can I call them “co-workers” if I’m only a lowly intern?  How about my fellow “income imbued-workers”?  No?  Um . . . “the people that sit in the desks next to me but make actual money”  “Employees”?  How about I just call them co-workers.  I mean, we all “work,” right?

Yeah, that’s right. We’re both working now, bitch!

My co-workers and I had a debate.  What is better, Pancakes and Waffles.  I really don’t have a strict allegiance to one or the other.  I’m partial to both.  What ever my tongue fancies on a particular occasion when either of these treats is available is what I will lean towards.  This debate, however, was serious and demanded that a side be chosen.  It like the pro-life/choice debate.  Without all that abortion nonsense.  Seeing that I am a minority in this office — the guy who comes in two days a week — I went with the majority rule.  The two guys in my office took the side of Waffles.  The lone female took pancakes.  I naturally went with both the majority and my own kind – the males.

Captain Pancakes abstained out of a personal bias. (He likes Waffles . . . shhhh.)

I didn’t really get into the debate, I just acted like an echo and repeated, “Waffles!” a lot.  I’m like that in office situations.  If I’m not familiar with the people then I get into a sort of social cocoon . . . . just waiting it out till I say something that endears me to the group . . . and then I take my pants off and show everyone my balls . . . Corporate America!

That’s just because I wanted to fit in . . . all this time, wearing clothes. I’m such an idiot.

While the lone female bravely toted that “flap jacks” are a much more American tradition than Waffles, the boys concluded that Waffles carry more of the ingenuity of the American spirit . . . these arguments were getting very political.   One argument concluded that Waffles require a special device to cook, making them the equivalent of the “1%”  while pancakes were the “99%”.

You can’t see it, but there’s a pancake holding that sign.

An argument that pancakes soak up the syrup while one against said that just makes them soggy came to a head.  Then it turned to pop culture — “No one says Lego my pancake!”  I was afraid defcon 5 was going to be called as Waffle Houses and IHOPs around the nation heated up their ballistic missile silos.  (Oh, yeah, they have those.  This is America, people!)  In order to have a fair and unbiased debate, a poll was needed. (Or as I stupidly wrote on my Facebook page, a pole.)  So we all logged onto Facebook and brought the debate to the masses.

One of the better arguments for pancakes came from my friend Dan Unser;

You need special equipment to make waffles, yet pancakes can be made on any hot surface.
– It’s hard to roll a waffle around a sausage and eat it, but with pancakes it’s a breeze.
– Pancakes make better frisbees in a food fight, waffles hurt.
– Pancakes absorb syrup, cutting down on syrup loss and therefor saving money in the long term.
– You can watch a pancake cook, but have to trust a waffle to cook properly.

Yet one of teh more poetic argumenst for waffles came from my friend Meredith Baron:

Waffles. You can play tic tac toe in the crannies…syrup versus butter style. I like my breakfast competitive. :-)

And then there’s this:

So who won?  Who is the king of breakfast?  Well, honestly, I think bacon owns that title.  But the prince of breakfast . . . . in all honesty, is there really a looser in this contest.  Both are pretty damn delicious.  I mean, check this out, Waffles Vs. Pancakes.

Waffles won by the way.

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